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PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 05

  1. Due to a new government regulation, a project change is required. The project manager evaluates the change and realizes a representative from the legal department will need to approve the change as well.

    The project manager should:

    • follow the change process flow and notify the legal department after the change is implemented.
    • extend a formal invitation to the legal department representative to join the CCB.
    • hold a separate meeting with the legal department representative and ask for approval.
    • notify the legal department representative in the event of an upcoming audit.
  2. A customer asks a project manager if a small change can be made during the delivery phase. The project manager does not agree to the change.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely reason?

    • Established communication plan
    • Scope creep
    • Resource constraints
    • Iterative approach
  3. In which of the following organizational structures would a project manager have the MOST authority?

    • Projectized
    • Strong matrix
    • Balanced matrix
    • Functional
  4. A project team is composed of numerous team members who are located throughout a country. All personnel have identified core business hours. A team engineer based in a machine shop has a question during business hours for the project manager, who is located at a different facility.

    Which of the following is the MOST expedient communication method, assuming the question can be resolved quickly?

    • Email
    • Social media
    • Text messaging
    • Face-to-face
  5. A new stakeholder has joined the project team and requested modifications that will result in minor changes to the project budget and schedule.

    The project manager is concerned that the requests will lead to:

    • quality control issues.
    • additional risks.
    • scope creep.
    • time constraints.
  6. A vendor has accepted a proposed project from a customer.

    Which of the following is MOST likely to be the first document created by the project manager?

    • Project charter
    • Project management plan
    • Project statement of work
    • Project schedule
  7. A project manager has noticed poor attendance as status meetings.

    Which of the following strategies should the project manager use to improve attendance? (Choose two.)

    • Provide an agenda before the status meeting.
    • Adhere to an agenda and scheduled time.
    • Add non-project-related items to the agenda.
    • Add and discuss new agenda items throughout the meeting.
    • Discard the action items at the conclusion of the meeting.
  8. Which of the following events would MOST likely trigger communications to the largest audience for a given organization?

    • Business continuity response
    • Quality audit
    • Replacement of a subcontractor
    • Completion of a task
  9. If a project sponsor wants to know the current status and progress of a project, which of the following is the BEST approach to find this information?

    • The project sponsor should obtain the current status from team members, put it into a presentation, and present it to the project manager for review.
    • The scheduler should obtain the current status from team members, apply it to the baseline of the schedule, and run a report.
    • The scheduler should obtain the current status from team members, update the project charter, project management plan, dashboard, and SOW, and then create a status report to provide to the project manager.
    • The scheduler should obtain the current status from team members, update the risk register, and provide the information to the project champion for review.
  10. Two team members completely disagree on how to complete a specific task. The project manager observes the conflict but takes no immediate action.

    Which of the following techniques is the project manager using?

    • Compromising
    • Smoothing
    • Withdrawing
    • Accepting
  11. An agreement document that is intended to prevent two or more organizations from sharing specific, confidential information with anyone but each other is called:

    • an RFP.
    • an NDA.
    • an SLA.
    • an MOU.
  12. Which of the following is the MOST likely target audience to be notified of the achievement of a key milestone in a project schedule?

    • Project manager and project scheduler
    • Project coordinator and project sponsor
    • Project champion and project scheduler
    • Project stakeholders and project team
  13. An authorized change to a construction project was implemented. During the modification, the team identified a defect in which the change caused the building power output to be outside the KPPs.

    Which of the following actions should the project manager take?

    • Submit a new change request.
    • Initiate the regression plan.
    • Add remediation to the schedule.
    • Accept the new power output.
  14. A senior manager asks a project manager for an estimated budget on a new project.

    Which of the following is the BEST step for the project manager to take?

    • Tell the senior manager the estimation is not available yet.
    • Use the budget from a similar project to generate estimates.
    • Ask a SME for an opinion and propose an estimate.
    • Gather the team to immediately generate estimates.
  15. A program manager informs a project manager that a new, high-priority project has been approved and will need the current project’s resources before the scheduled project close date. The project team meets and determines that the project should be fast-tracked.

    Which of the following documents should the project team reference to fast-track the project? (Choose two.)

    • Scope management plan
    • Configuration management plan
    • Network diagram
    • Project schedule
    • Project plan
  16. A company has dictated project scope changes but has stated that the original budget still applies. Which of the following will MOST likely be impacted by the changes?

    • Quality
    • Regulations
    • Schedule
    • project team
  17. A project manager was directed to complete a project sooner than previously planned. Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective step to take to ensure the project’s success?

    • Reduce the scope
    • Increase the budget
    • Decrease staff
    • Update the WBS
  18. A project manager has contracted a third-party vendor to achieve milestones. Which of the following risk strategies is the project manager applying?

    • Transfer
    • Accept
    • Avoid
    • Mitigate
  19. A company is hired to perform some of another organization’s work. Which of the following types of organizational change is described?

    • Outsourcing
    • Business process change
    • Shared resources
    • Split
  20. A project has been experiencing some difficulties due to third-party vendors. The project manager should request.

    • Additional resources
    • A gate review
    • A risk register update
    • A performance audit