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PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 08

  1. A team member has completed an assigned task. Which of the following roles should be notified FIRST?

    • Project sponsor
    • Key stakeholders
    • Project manager
    • Project team
  2. A project manager would like to bring vendors into a new project. Which of the following documents should the potential vendors submit so the project manager can find the best vendors for the project?

    • SLA
    • SOW
    • Change request
    • RFP
    “If you’re working with vendors to perform some or all of the work of the project, it’s critical that they know exactly what you are asking them to do. The statement of work (SOW) details the goods or services you want to procure. In many respects it’s similar to the project scope statement, except that it focuses on the work being procured. It contains the project description, major deliverables, success criteria, assumptions, and constraints”

    Excerpt From: Kim Heldman. “CompTIA Project+ Study Guide.” iBooks.

  3. A project manager is informed that a team member would like to enhance the code with an additional function. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

    • Submit a change request.
    • Evaluate the impact of the change.
    • Get approval from the CCB.
    • Communicate the change to stakeholders.
  4. Using Scrum, which of the following are discussed in a daily standup meeting?

    • What was done yesterday, what is planned for today, and what roadblocks need to be removed
    • What was done yesterday, what is planned for the week, and what issues were resolved
    • What was done yesterday, what is planned for today, and what deliverables were completed
    • What was done yesterday, what is planned for this week, and what items from the backlog are priority
  5. A new high-priority project is assigned to the project manager with a fully formed budget, deadline, and scope. The project manager is creating the project schedule.

    PK0-004 Part 08 Q05 004
    PK0-004 Part 08 Q05 004

    Which of the following calculations accurately shows the critical path?

    • 20 days
    • 39 days
    • 49 days
    • 52 days
  6. А new stakeholder has been added to a project with a BAG of $850,000. The stakeholder has raised five change requests to the CCB; two of them have been approved, and three are awaiting initial review. Considering the project has a CPI of 0.89 and an SPI of 1.14, and the approved ones will be implemented, which of the following should the project manager do LAST?

    • Identify and document the risk.
    • Evaluate the impact and justification.
    • Implement the change.
    • Update the documents and plans.
  7. A project manager has been asked to prepare and present a review of the execution phase. Which of the following is the BEST audience for this review?

    • Vendors
    • Key stakeholders
    • Resources
    • Project team
    • Business analysts
  8. Which of the following inherently affects quality standards?

    • SLA
    • MOA
    • MOU
    • WBS
  9. At a weekly project team meeting, it is apparent the project is over budget. The project manager needs to determine the reason for this issue. Which of the following documents should MOST likely be analyzed to obtain the answer?

    • Project charter, organization chart, scope statement, and issue log
    • Dashboard information, action items, project schedule, and status report
    • Project management plan, scope statement, communication plan, and meeting agendas
    • Project schedule, project management plan, communication plan, and issue log
  10. A project manager does not have enough time to complete several tasks on a critical path. The budget is a low concern. Which of the following should be used to complete the tasks on time?

    • Fast-track the tasks.
    • Utilize positive float.
    • Crash the schedule.
    • Remove the critical path
  11. A project is taking more effort than anticipated. Which of the following constraints will MOST likely be affected?

    • Scope
    • Time
    • Quality
    • Cost
  12. A risk with minor impact has been realized. There is no change to the triple constraint. The PM should notify the:

    • internal project team.
    • key stakeholders.
    • affected team members.
    • full project team.
  13. An industry leader may be joining the project team and can potentially provide additional expertise. Which of the following strategies should the project manager employ?

    • Exploitation
    • Acceptance
    • Validation
    • Transfer
  14. A company hires a number of interns and assigns them key roles on a project. Which of the following should the project manager MOST likely anticipate?

    • Reduced quality
    • Reduced scope
    • Reduced risk
    • Reduced timeline
  15. The project schedule performance index is 1.1, and the cost performance index is 0.9. Which of the following describes the project status?

    • Ahead of schedule and over budget
    • Behind schedule and under budget
    • Ahead of schedule and under budget
    • Behind schedule and over budget
  16. A non-stakeholder approaches the project manager and asks if certain items can be added to a project that was started two months earlier. Which of the following constraints does this impact MOST?

    • Time
    • Schedule
    • Scope
    • Cost
  17. A team member was replaced on a project by a new team member of equal capability. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST?

    • Resource loading
    • Resource leveling
    • Prioritizing tasks
    • Allocating resources
  18. Which of the following would indicate a project manager is working in a matrix-based organization?

    • The project manager has full authority over resources and the project.
    • The project manager has no authority over the project resources and limited-to-no authority over the project.
    • Resources align to the project, report to the project manager, and have no functional home at the end of the project.
    • Resources report to business area functional managers and return to the functional area at the end of the project.
  19. A project team is spread between two countries on different continents. Which of the following factors are MOST likely to influence communication methods selected for the communication plan? (Choose two.)

    • Interorganizational constraints
    • Personal preferences
    • Language barriers
    • Cultural differences
    • Confidentiality constraints
  20. Two team members approach a project manager with different ideas for completing a task. After listening to the team members’ ideas, the project manager does not choose either one and requires both members to finish the task as originally planned. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is the project manager applying?

    • Avoiding
    • Smoothing
    • Forcing
    • Compromising
    “Smoothing is a temporary way to resolve conflict. In this technique, the areas of agreement are emphasized over the areas of difference”

    Excerpt From: Kim Heldman. “CompTIA Project+ Study Guide.” iBooks.