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PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 15

  1. Upper management asks a project sponsor to provide several ad hoc reports as a brief overview of the project’s current status.

    Which of the following types of reports should the project sponsor use to quickly summarize the status report data?

    • Pie chart
    • Run chart
    • Project schedule
    • Dashboard information
  2. A project team started work on a project and was ahead of schedule when the project sponsor announced that the project needed to stop because of shifting strategic priorities.

    The constraint described in this scenario is:

    • cost
    • environmental
    • scope
    • scheduling
  3. A stakeholders asked for a change to the project. The project manager discussed and documented the desired change, and the proper authorities approved it.

    Which of the following steps of the control was missed?

    • Communicate the change
    • Quality check
    • Implementation
    • Evaluate impact and justification
  4. Communication on a project is flowing well. Team members are motivated, and they are allowed to make decisions about their work.

    Which of the following management styles is the project manager MOST likely using?

    • Exploitive
    • Retrospective
    • Participative
    • Authoritative
  5. Which of the following analyses should a project manager use to determine problem areas for corrective action planning? (Choose two.)

    • Planned value
    • Schedule variance
    • Acceptable variance
    • Cost variance
    • Earned value
  6. The project manager needs to motivate the team; however, there is an insufficient budget for awards.

    Which of the following motivating agents is the MOST appropriate option the project manager can utilize?

    • Reduce the workload
    • Replace resources
    • Extend the timeline
    • Provide additional responsibility
  7. A project manager needs status on the project timeline.

    Which of the following team members should provide an update?

    • Product owner
    • Business analyst
    • Scheduler
    • Sponsor
  8. A project team is in the process of risk planning. One of the team members identifies a weather-related risk, which may cause delivery delays.

    Which of the following is the BEST risk response strategy?

    • Exploit
    • Enhance
    • Mitigate
    • Communicate
  9. Under an Agile methodology, standup meetings occur:

    • daily
    • twice daily
    • weekly
    • ad hoc
  10. A project team is not delivering their tasks in a timely manner. Additionally, tasks are being reworked because requirements continue to be identified as work packages are being delivered.

    Which of the following are MOST likely missing from the project? (Choose two.)

    • Project charter
    • Organizational chart
    • Scope document
    • Status report
    • Business case
    • Project plan
  11. A project manager is required to maintain various documents and procedures.

    Which of the following require ongoing attention and periodic updates?

    • Project charter
    • Change requests
    • Project management plan
    • Communication plan
    • Project SOW
  12. A meeting has taken place with quality assurance tram members and the project manager.

    Which of the following events would MOST likely have triggered the meeting?

    • Audit
    • Risk register update
    • Task completion
    • Resource change
  13. A project sponsor wants to know when the plan changed to ship the deliverables to a new location. To determine the answer, the project manager should FIRST review the:

    • project management plan
    • scope statements and issue log
    • project dashboard and status report
    • action items and meeting minutes
  14. A project manager is reviewing documents to develop the project charter. While reviewing historical project documentation, the project manager decides to include the following in the charter:

    – Project title description
    – Preassigned resources
    – Budget
    – WBS
    – Measurable project objectives

    Which of the following components should be a part of the project management plan instead of the project charter?

    • Project title and description
    • Preassigned resources
    • Budget
    • WBS
    • Measurable project objectives
  15. Which of the following communication methods and target audiences would a project manager MOST likely select for briefings as required during a business continuity incident?

    • Email and instant messaging to project team members and the project team members and the project sponsor
    • Text messages to and voice conferences with all stakeholders and project team members
    • Video conferences with key stakeholders and the project champion
    • Instant messaging to the project coordinator and project scheduler
  16. A project is coming to the end of a phase. The PMO requires that the quality team review the work and budget before moving on to the next phase of the project. The project manager must schedule the review of the phase and have the stakeholders present.

    This review is referred to as:

    • change management
    • A milestone
    • a tollgate
    • an incident response
  17. A fire occurred in the production facility over the weekend, affecting the machinery being used to produce a deliverable. No injuries were reported.

    Which of the following is MOST appropriate for the project manager to do NEXT?

    • Refer to the contingency plan
    • Conduct an immediate emergency team meeting
    • Perform a SWOT analysis
    • Implement the risk response plan
  18. As a project processes, the team appears disjointed. Meetings are not effective because the right team members are not in the discussion, and functional managers are questioning if the project manager has a true management plan.

    Which of the following documents should be reviewed FIRST to uncover the issue?

    • Communications plan
    • Scope statement
    • Project management plan
    • Organizational chart
  19. Two companies have merged. Which of the following may impact the project manager’s communication methods after the merger?

    • Updates to issues logs
    • Increase in change requests
    • Changes to stakeholder requirements
    • Updates to the WBS
  20. Despite receiving regular updates, a sponsor learns a project recently slipped.

    Which of the following documents can the sponsor review to determine the project’s performance? (Choose two.)

    • Status report
    • Communication plan
    • Issue log
    • Project schedule
    • Action items list
    • Risk register