PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 17

  1. During an ad-hoc meeting, the PM notifies the sponsor that while the project is on schedule, material costs have increased and the project is over budget. To save the project, the PM request a material contract with a less expensive vendor. The sponsor approves the change, and project comes in within target tolerances. The company, however, receives numerous stakeholder complaints.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of these complaints?

    • The quality of the deliverable decreased due to the rising material cost.
    • The PM did not follow the project communication plan.
    • Quality assurance actions were not adjusted for the vendor change.
    • The change was not documented and approved.
  2. A new project manager is working in an environment where resources report to another supervisor. The project manager is having difficulty with a particular member and wants to escalate the issue. Which of the following documents should the project manager consult?

    • Issue log
    • RACI chart
    • Risk management plan
    • Organizational chart
  3. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has changed the direction of a business and no longer needs one of the divisions. A deal is reached to sell the division to a company in another state. Which of the following BEST describes this type of organizational change?

    • Business process change
    • Internal reorganization
    • Relocation
    • Demerger
  4. The anticipated funding level for an approved project was reduced. The sponsor has met with the project manager to identify several scope reductions. Which of the following is the NEXT step the project manager should take?

    • Update the documentation.
    • Implement the change.
    • Close the project.
    • Evaluate the impact.
  5. Which of the following describes a project’s budget overrun?

    • The project spends only half of the funds.
    • The project spends only the allocated funds.
    • The project spends none of the funds.
    • The project spends in excess of the funds.
  6. A PM has notified the project team of an immediate project relocation. Of which of the following triggers is this MOST likely a result? (Choose two.)

    • Business continuity response
    • Resource changes
    • Disaster recovery response
    • Risk response
    • Gate review
  7. A project can be defined as:

    • permanent and ongoing.
    • temporary and unique.
    • temporary and standard.
    • permanent and unique.
  8. Two critical members have approached the project manager separately regarding personality conflicts. The project manager cannot remove either from the project or separate their work activities. To help resolve the conflict, which of the following would be BEST for the project manager to do?

    • Send an email to the entire project team encouraging proper etiquette.
    • Discuss the problem during the next daily status update.
    • Perform an in-person meeting involving both parties.
    • Schedule a mandatory team-building activity.
  9. A project manager is archiving of project documents.

    Which of the following phases does this describe?

    • Initiation
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Closing
  10. Which of the following are MOST essential to developing an effective project team? (Choose two.)

    • Team building by mixing in-house and remote human resources
    • Dedicating the junior resources to the shortest tasks
    • Sharing senior resources with other projects
    • Selecting team members with the appropriate skill sets
    • Building trust through honesty and good communication
  11. A local company is part of a hostile takeover by a multinational conglomerate. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) directs that all meetings be conducted via video conference to save costs and expedite communication. This scenario is an example of:

    • outsourcing.
    • corporate acquisition.
    • internal reorganization.
    • process change.
    • relocation.
    • resource management.
  12. A company’s management team is in a meeting to review all the products and services delivered in the first quarter of the year for profitability. They are requesting information on payback period, return on investment, and total cost of ownership. The project manager is checking the project repository for available documentation. In which of the following documents is the project manager MOST likely to find the required information?

    • Business case
    • Project charter
    • Risk management plan
    • Scope of work
  13. A client has requested a project be completed ahead of schedule. The client understands the triple constraints and agrees to expand the defect tolerance.

    Which of the following should the PM do NEXT?

    • Crash the schedule.
    • Notify the project team.
    • Initiate a change request.
    • Accept the risk.
  14. A project team member states that the tasks identified in the project schedule for the week greatly exceed the number of available hours for the week. Which of the following activities would have allowed the project manager to identify and correct this issue in advance?

    • Risk identification
    • Gate review
    • Resource allocation
    • Resource leveling
  15. Which of the following make up a company’s portfolio? (Choose two.)

    • People
    • Procedures
    • Projects
    • Processes
    • Profit
    • Programs
  16. A recently added stakeholder is unaware of critical changes that will affect the department. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to ensure all parties have the same level of information?

    • The project manager should check the project management plan to determine how the project should be managed and controlled.
    • The project manager should check the communications plan to ensure stakeholders are included on any key messages.
    • The project manager should check the meeting agenda to ensure the stakeholder is invited to all meetings.
    • The project manager should ensure meeting minutes are distributed to all project members.
  17. A key stakeholder asked several members of the project team to make project changes without submitting them for approval. Because the stakeholder is related to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the team members are reluctant to deny these requests. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to control this situation?

    • Have the team members deny all change requests from this stakeholder
    • Ask the project sponsor for more funding to anticipate the change requests from the key stakeholder
    • Contact the key stakeholder to encourage the submission of written change requests
    • Request additional resources from the project team to complete the change requests from the key stakeholder
  18. Which of the following resources outlines consequences of non-performance?

    • Project sponsor
    • Project team
    • Customer
    • Project management office
  19. During a risk review session, the project team identified the percentage probability that a particular risk will occur. This is known as:

    • risk identification
    • risk prioritization
    • risk qualification
    • risk quantification
  20. An organization wants assurance that the specialty tools necessary for operation will function as intended for a specific minimum time period. Which of the following documents BEST provides this assurance?

    • Purchase order
    • Non-disclosure agreement
    • Request for proposal
    • Warranty
    • Service level agreement