PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 19

  1. Which of the following will identify the MOST potential project risks?

    • Cost-benefit analysis
    • Past project documentation
    • Project budget
    • Benchmarking
  2. A project coordinator notices there is a scheduling conflict with the weekly team meeting. The project coordinator submits a request to hold the meeting at a different time will not negatively impact the scheduling. Which of the following resources has the authority to authorize this change?

    • Stakeholders
    • Scrum master
    • Project sponsor
    • Project team
  3. A project manager is assigned to a project that was previously managed by a peer project manager. The project manager identifies several modifications that were deployed prior to CCB approval. Which of the following change control processes is being mismanaged?

    • Change validation with quality checks
    • Regression planning
    • Identify approval authority
    • Change implementation
  4. An employee is assigned to a project and is developing a project charter. Which of the following are some of the constraints the employee would typically face at this stage of the project?

    • Environment, resources, requirements, and quality
    • Budget, quality, resources, and schedule
    • Deliverables, scope, and budget environment
    • Budget, scope, quality, and schedule
  5. A team member has reported Task 3 will be completed ahead of schedule.

    PK0-004 Part 19 Q05 016
    PK0-004 Part 19 Q05 016

    Using the given chart, which of the following represents the critical path if Task 3 is completed in two days?

    • 8 days
    • 10 days
    • 11 days
    • 12 days
  6. Task A starts on Day 1 and has a duration of two days. Task B has a duration of two days and starts on Day 3. Task C starts after Task A and has a duration of three days. Task D starts after Task B and Task C and has a duration of one day. Which of the following represents the critical path?

    • Five days
    • Six days
    • Seven days
    • Eight days
  7. A PM is asked to keep the Chief Information Officer (CIO) informed of a project’s health at a high level on a daily basis. Which of the following is the BEST way for the PM to provide this information?

    • Status report
    • Meeting minutes
    • Dashboard
    • Email
  8. A project team is working on a project with high public visibility and excitement. The project sponsor is concerned the public may lose interest due to the long delivery timeline. Which of the following is the BEST way to keep the external stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project?

    • Video conferencing
    • Instant messaging
    • Social media
    • Email
  9. A project scheduler has calculated the project’s critical path. Which of the following activities would most likely occur NEXT?

    • Additional task decomposition
    • Resource allocation
    • Dependency determination
    • Task duration identification
  10. Which of the following provides tools and standard documentation for the project team?

    • Project management office
    • Project manager
    • Project coordinator
    • Project steering committee
  11. The PMO is confused by an entry in the risk register and would like the project manager to provide clarification regarding strategy. Based on the following entry:

    PK0-004 Part 19 Q11 017
    PK0-004 Part 19 Q11 017

    Which of the following should be modified to BEST eliminate confusion?

    • Change the status to issue and include it in the issue log
    • Change the strategy to mitigate
    • Change the name to identify the problem clearly
    • Change the owner to sponsor
  12. In the review of a project status report, the slack is negative. Which of the following should the project manager tell the stakeholders?

    • The project is behind schedule
    • The project is over budget
    • The project has float available
    • The project needs a gate review
  13. Which of the following should be included in an effective SOW?

    • Lessons learned
    • Procurement process
    • Corrective action plan
    • Project objectives
  14. A project manager has taken over a project that is already in progress. The project manager notices the functional manager of one team is unaware of the current progress. Which of the following should the project manager do? (Choose two.)

    • Update the project charter to include the functional manager as a key stakeholder
    • Publish the project schedule to the functional manager
    • Review the communications plan to ensure proper involvement
    • Add the incident to the issue log and seek resolution
    • Ensure the functional manager is on the status report distribution list
  15. The PM has requested that a project repository be developed. Sensitive information will be available on the site that could affect the project’s success. Only personnel who need to know the information will have access. Which of the following site types is the PM requesting?

    • Wiki page
    • Intranet
    • Extranet
    • Internet
    • Knowledge base
  16. Which of the following documents are considered mutually binding? (Choose two.)

    • NDA
    • PO
    • RFP
    • WBS
    • KPI
  17. A project sponsor has requested documentation to determine the scheduled activities for a project that is running behind schedule. Which of the following documents should the project manager send to the sponsor to quickly identify the project activities?

    • RACI
    • SWOT
    • SOW
    • WBS
  18. Upon assignment to a project, the project manager is given a set budget, a due date, and a clearly defined description of desired deliverables. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

    • Determine the flexibility between the project constraints
    • Hold a kick-off meeting with the project team
    • Determine procurement needs to meet the project demands
    • Create the risk register
  19. A project manager is reviewing project performance. Which of the following would be the BEST indicator of the total project cost?

    • AC
    • EAC
    • CPI
    • ETC
  20. According to the communication management plan, the project scheduler is required to post weekly status reports on the project’s intranet site. From the stakeholders’ point of view, accessing the weekly report is an example of:

    • interorganizational preferences
    • personal preferences
    • the interactive method
    • the pull method