PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 21

  1. An organization is divided into three separate entities based on geographical region. Which of the following types of organizational change is this?

    • Relocation
    • Outsourcing
    • Demerger
    • Split
  2. After SOW and contract approvals, the project manager plans to schedule a meeting with the business analyst and several end users. The project manager’s main objective in this meeting is to:

    • identify resources
    • baseline the schedule
    • create deliverables
    • define requirements
  3. Two parties are beginning conversations regarding the purchase of professional services. Which of the following should be in place FIRST?

    • RFP
    • SOW
    • NDA
    • LOl
  4. Which of the following is the first document issued during the procurement process in a project?

    • PO
    • RFP
    • RFI
    • RFQ
  5. A financial audit is being performed on a closed project. Which of the following should be communicated with FIRST?

    • Stakeholders
    • Project management office
    • Functional managers
    • Quality control
  6. Which of the following organization types requires the project manager to report performance issues to another department?

    • Functional
    • Strong matrix
    • Projectized
    • Weak matrix
  7. A project manager is planning to hold a meeting to discuss what went well, what did not go well, and what should be done differently. Which of the following meetings should the project manager hold?

    • Kickoff
    • Impromptu
    • Closure
    • Status
  8. A key stakeholder cannot identify within the resource management plan where the project manager has authority to assign resources. Which of the following should the project manager use to answer the question?

    • Project schedule
    • Project management plan
    • Project charter
    • Staffing matrix
  9. A project manager is collecting the number of hours, the resources, and the amount of money spent on hardware and software. Which of the following is MOST likely the purpose of collecting this information?

    • Financial stability
    • Competitive advantage
    • Budget constraints
    • Expenditure tracking
  10. A project sponsor wants to know which tasks are next in the project but is unable to find this information. Which of the following may need to be adjusted?

    • Scope document
    • Status report
    • Issue log
    • Risk log
  11. While planning a project, the project team estimates known expenses but also applies a margin of error for unknown expenses. Which of the following is the project team trying to determine?

    • Cost of quality
    • Expenditures
    • Total project cost
    • Burn rate
  12. A project facilitator is working within a large project team that includes 36 members representing different organizational groups. The current communications plan calls for full status updates to be emailed to the whole group twice per week. Which of the following factors should be considered FIRST when communicating with this group?

    • Providing all parties with frequent updates keeps the team on the same page as the project moves forward.
    • The large team may be dispersed over different time zones, preventing the team from receiving the status updates at the same time.
    • The frequency, method, and level of detail provided should be different for each target audience.
    • All team members receive the same level of detail, ensuring the accuracy of the status updates
  13. A project manager creates a Pareto chart based on the table below:

    PK0-004 Part 21 Q13 019
    PK0-004 Part 21 Q13 019

    Which of the following describes why the team was asked to inspect and review missing parts, poor adhesives, and faulty installation?

    • To take preventive action and identify the causes resulting in the highest number of issues
    • To take corrective action and identify the effects resulting in the highest number of issues
    • To take preventive action and identify and frequencies resulting in the highest number of issues
    • To take corrective action and identify the causes resulting in the highest number of issues
  14. Rather than sending emails to communicate all project information, the project manager:

    – Makes telephone calls to key stakeholders for urgent information
    – Sends emails for routine information
    – Posts on the project intranet site for required but minimally used information

    Which of the following BEST represents what the project manager is doing?

    • Prioritizing based on personal preferences
    • Tailoring the method based on message content
    • Adjusting the method based on confidentiality constraints
    • Demonstrating concern for technological factors
  15. A project team received a memo stating no one can come into the office for the rest of the week due to heavy forecasted rain. The projected team reviews the risk management plan and carries out the risk response. The memo that prompted the activation of the risk response is referred to as the:

    • risk owner
    • risk impact
    • risk review
    • risk trigger
  16. When a project team member completes a task in the WBS, which of the following are the primary recipients of the notification? (Choose two.)

    • Project manager
    • Project sponsor
    • Key stakeholder
    • Human resources
    • Project scheduler
    • Project management office
  17. Company A and Company B have come together to form a new Company C. Staff members from both companies have been moved to Company C, and there are rumors that some staff might be asked to leave. These are examples of: (Choose two.)

    • business reorganization
    • business relocation
    • business outsourcing
    • business merger
    • business process change
  18. Which of the following project roles is ultimately responsible for all project artifacts?

    • Project sponsor
    • Project coordinator
    • Project manager
    • Project team
  19. A project team has just finished one phase of product development and is gathering requirements for the next phase. Which of the following methodologies is being applied?

    • Waterfall
    • PRINCE2
    • Agile
    • Top-down
  20. Midway through a project, the building the team works in is destroyed by a hurricane. Which of the following types of communication is BEST in this event?

    • Incident response
    • Business continuity response
    • Resource change response
    • Schedule response