TK0-201 : CompTIA CTT+ Essentials : Part 04

  1. An instructor evaluates learners using both written and oral exams and multiple choice quizzes. Which of the following should be added for a complete evaluation of each learner?

    • Observations
    • Course evaluations
    • Independent study
    • Uniform testing
  2. An instructor is teaching an advanced topic. A student does not have the prerequisite skills needed for this class and continues to fall behind. The student is visibly frustrated. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate action?

    • Recommend that the prerequisite class be completed prior to returning
    • Assign an advanced student as a partner to help in learning
    • Allow the student to continue with the current course objectives
    • Offer to meet with the student after class for additional assistance
  3. An instructor was unable to cover the last concept in the course, yet test results from the last day indicated that all members of the class correctly answered questions addressing this concept. In this situation, which of the following should the instructor have done?

    • Monitored learner performance during instruction
    • Administered tests
    • Evaluated learner’s attainment of end-of-course objectives
    • Judged the adequacy of the evaluation
  4. After presenting a new topic, the instructor initiates a class discussion based on the presentation. The discussion is designed to enhance learner understanding and stimulate interest in the topic. Which of the following BEST describes the skill demonstrated by the instructor1?

    • The instructor selected and implemented appropriate delivery methods
    • The instructor used a variety of question types and techniques
    • The instructor used appropriate instructional media
    • The instructor used active listening techniques to facilitate learning
  5. To illustrate a point, the trainer uses a joke that the class does not understand. Which of the following should the trainer do next?

    • Attempt to save the situation by telling another joke
    • Pretend nothing happened and continue with the lesson
    • Retell the joke explaining its punch line
    • Decide not to use humor in future presentations
  6. While the class is working on training modules, the instructor intermittent polls them to determine their pace in relationship to the daily objectives. Which of the following BEST describes what skill the instructor is demonstrating?

    • Determine and apply appropriate motivational strategies for individual learners,
    • Provide assistance for learners to identify and achieve initial, intermediate and terminal objectives.
    • Control the flow and timing of the course based on learner needs ensuring that objectives are covered,
    • Monitor learner comfort level during the use of participatory activities.
  7. When presenting a topic, which of the following is the BEST way to establish eye contact to ensure learner interest and participation?

    • Look around the room as to not intimidate any specific learner.
    • Briefly make eye contact with each learner as the instructor moves around the room.
    • Stop and look at each individual for a few seconds to let them know they are important to the class.
    • Avoid contact and focus on the media being used so the learners can do the same.
  8. An instructor is facilitating a week long course. It has become clear to the instructor that the majority of the learners lack motivation, evident by their lack of effort and willingness to contribute when prompted. Which of the following would BEST provide the learners assistance to achieve success? (Select TWO).

    • The instructor should incorporate more visual aids during instruction in order to improve the level of interest.
    • The instructor should encourage the learners to repeat the course when they are ready to participate.
    • The instructor should schedule a meeting with each individual learner to discuss the lack of effort,
    • The instructor should adjust the instructional approach to better meet the learner backgrounds and skill sets
    • The instructor should assign relevant practice and offer positive feedback where appropriate
  9. Several learners in a training class are very motivated to help the instructor and other learners with a project. Other learners in the class seem not motivated to learn about the project. Which of the following can the instructor do to motivate all the learners?

    • Take the non-motivated learners aside and inform them they will fail the course without participation.
    • Add more visual interest to the course to hopefully motivate all the learners
    • Focus on the motivated learners and offer them incentives.
    • Encourage all the learners and pair the motivated learners with the non-motivated learners.
  10. For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that an instructor will achieve the goal. Select the BEST statement that explains why the action is likely or unlikely to accomplish the goal.

    GOAL: To employ instructional techniques appropriate to methods and instructional situations prescribed

    ACTION: At the completion of each of the courseware’s modules, the instructor lists additional reference materials and suggests additional exercises for the students.

    • Likely, because the offering of additional learning exercises extends the learning concepts detailed in the courseware
    • Likely, because the instructor is using experience with the courseware to supplement where necessary.
    • Unlikely, because the instructor is relying on student motivation rather than instruction techniques.
    • Unlikely, because the offering of additional material would be of little relevance to the students.
  11. A contract instructor is delivering a class developed for a company. Learners have stated in the past that the material was confusing, there was not enough depth and the information was out of date. In planning for this course, which of the following might be BEST for the instructor to do to maximize the needs of the learners?

    • Use the provided material as a guideline and use additional resources to clarity the course.
    • Present the material as it is written and request the learners inform the company of the quality of the material.
    • Rewrite the course and deliver the newly written material to the class.
    • Request different material be purchased and reviewed before delivery of the upcoming class.
  12. An instructor is preparing a virtual classroom session covering a computer application. The learners will all be on high bandwidth connections. Which of the following is the BEST method of displaying the application?

    • Create a PDF with screen shots and procedural references and make it available for download.
    • Create video clips to be shown during the class demonstrating functionality.
    • Use the screen sharing function of the virtual classroom software to do the demonstrations.
    • Take screenshots and display them in the presentation.
  13. An instructor is delivering a course session that has a small amount of content and an adequate amount of time. Which of the following question types is BEST for this situation?

    • Closed-ended
    • Guiding
    • Open-ended
    • Hypothetical
  14. A learner who responds positively to slide presentations will tend to be a/an:

    • Physical learner
    • Visual learner
    • Auditory learner
    • Kinesthetic learner
  15. During a classroom demonstration that uses a shared desktop program, the computer network becomes unavailable. After several attempts to resolve the issue the network remains unavailable. Which of the following is the BEST option to continue with the demonstration?

    • Have the facilities coordinator provide a projector.
    • Continue with the demonstration with all learners looking at the instructor’s screen,
    • Continue the demonstration by explaining what is on the instructor’s screen.
    • Postpone the class until the network becomes available.
  16. While conducting a lab exercise a learner states that they cannot complete the lab due to lack of confidence. Which of the following options is the BEST way to handle this situation?

    • Give the learner encouraging comments.
    • Assign an easier lab to increase the learner confidence.
    • Recommend that the learner take a pre-requisite class to increase their confidence.
    • Give the learner extra materials to practice the exercise.
  17. Trainees reported that a trainer’s innovative use of media greatly enhanced their ability to understand course content. Which of the following audiences is MOST likely to need this information?

    • The company that pays to have its employees trained
    • The person who schedules trainers
    • The instructional designer
    • The other trainers who teach the same course
  18. An instructor is a member of an organization that has recently received a great deal of unfavorable publicity about the actions of many of the organization’s members at a recent convention. The instructor has just received the first instructional assignment since the publicized events took place. In this situation, which of the following must the instructor do FIRST to gain the respect of the audience?

    • Demonstrate acceptable personal conduct
    • Demonstrate content expertise
    • Demonstrate flexibility in response to learner needs and interests
    • Demonstrate effective questioning techniques
  19. An instructor is hosting an online course with ten learners. Half of the learners have taken online courses before and are familiar with virtual courses. The other half of the class is new to the virtual environment. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST to help all of the learners understand what is required for the course?

    • Provide a link to the course requirements with a tutorial.
    • Remove the learners from the class and have them return after a general computing course.
    • Email each learner welcoming them to the class and have them introduce themselves.
    • Have the learner’s advisors train the learners on the virtual environment.
  20. While facilitating a lab where learners are expected to follow directions, some learners are deviating from the assigned task. Which of the following is the BEST response?

    • Ask learners to come after class and redo the assignment.
    • Redirect the learners who deviated from the directions.
    • Change the pairing of learners to prevent further deviation from assigned tasks.
    • Bring the learners deviation to the attention of the class and make them an example.
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