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TK0-201 : CompTIA CTT+ Essentials : Part 08

  1. At which of the following times should student pre-class surveys be completed? (Select TWO)

    • Prior to a class by the manager of the organization
    • After signing-up for the class by the training coordinator
    • Once the class starts by the instructor of the course
    • Once the class starts by the training coordinator
    • Prior to signing-up for class by the training coordinator
  2. In delivering a course for adult learners it is essential to:

    • Keep the course content brief so the learners can remember the materials.
    • Test participants throughout the learning experience,
    • Have the learners repeat back key concepts of the training to the instructor.
    • Emphasize how the learning can be immediately applied to their jobs.
  3. Which of the following BEST describes the learner benefits of minimal note taking during an instructor led presentation or lecture?

    • Minimizing note taking provides a new approach that will likely gain the approval of the student group creating a pleasant learning environment.
    • The instructor will waste valuable time giving instruction on note taking prior to delivering the presentation.
    • Instructor notes given to learners will contain more detail and will ensure that all the learners have the same information to work from.
    • The effort required in extensive note taking could be better directed toward the processing of the information being presented.
  4. An instructor is preparing to teach a class that requires a component break down demonstration. After arriving, the instructor is told by the client that this class will be taught as lecture only. Who is responsible for preventing this type of conflict in the future?

    • The instructor’s contract manager because pre-course student assessments should have addressed this need.
    • The instructor because a pre-course classroom setup assessment should have been conducted.
    • The client’s training manager because they should know how to properly deliver this training.
    • The client’s training coordinator because they should setup that class according to delivery method normally used for the topic.
  5. Which of the following is the MOST important action for an instructor who wants to ensure effective communication?

    • Limit the use of regional colloquialisms and jargon.
    • Establish a common frame of reference with each learner.
    • Establish nonverbal contact with each learner.
    • Enable knowledgeable learners to share their expertise with the class.
  6. The BEST way for a training department to ensure continued support and budgeted dollars for its function is to:

    • Link learning objectives and activities directly to business goals.
    • Interview the organization’s senior executives regarding training needs,
    • Participate in the strategic planning process.
    • Offer classes that will benefit employees.
  7. Which of the following would BEST identify a need for additional explanation?

    • Learners’ poor evaluation of the course delivery
    • Learners’ promptness to class
    • Learners’ questions and comments
    • Learners’ evaluation of the course design
    • Learners’ body language
  8. While lecturing a group of learners, the instructor moved around the room and paused several times for emphasis. These actions are:

    • Appropriate non-verbal communication techniques that help to keep learners focused.
    • Inappropriate techniques to use during lectures.
    • Offensive to the learners and should be avoided.
    • Inappropriate non-verbal communication techniques that is distracting to the learners.
  9. The learners in a class have limited knowledge and experience with the material being presented. The instructor wants to ensure the learners are paying close attention. Which of the following will accomplish this task?

    • Use closed-ended questions to not intimidate any of the learners.
    • Use interesting questions to make the material significant.
    • Tell them that their performance will be reported at the end of the session.
    • Change the course to all labs so learners stay focused.
  10. During a class several learners are eager to learn a related skill that is useful on the job but is not in the curriculum. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this request?

    • Ask the learners to request additional training so that this unrelated topic can be covered.
    • Explain to the learners that as time permits the skill may be covered.
    • Introduce the new skill topic once the current topic is completed.
    • Inform the learners that additional material cannot be covered during the class.
  11. When writing an exam question, which of the following should be covered?

    • Study objectives
    • Pre-requisite knowledge
    • Inferred knowledge
    • Course objectives
  12. Several learners are already familiar with the course topics, while other learners are having difficulty with the course topics. Which of the following is the BEST action for the instructor to take?

    • Teach the course to the learners that are having difficulty and have the experienced learners do independent labs.
    • Use diagrams that further clarity the material.
    • Encourage the learners who have experience with the course to share and discuss it with the class.
    • Teach expanded objectives so the experienced learners get the most out of the course.
  13. When an instructor is unsure whether or not participants comprehend course content, it is BEST to:

    • Ask the learners to demonstrate key course learning points
    • Have the learners repeat the learning objectives back to the instructor
    • Ask the group to brainstorm ideas for applying the learning
    • Give the learners a pop quiz
  14. An instructor uses formative assessment in their classroom. This form of assessment can help the learners learn from their mistakes. Which of the following is another way to use this form of assessment?

    • Evaluating the course and modifications made during the course
    • Giving the learners a grade
    • To emphasize the amount of work the learners did
    • Use to report the work to the learners supervisors
  15. After delivering a course and reviewing the course evaluations, the instructor notices that the majority of the learners reported having difficulty with a required course topic. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this information?

    • Remove the difficult areas of the course.
    • Ask the course designer to rewrite the objectives.
    • Recommend that the course be cancelled.
    • Recommend that a pre-requisite course be created.
  16. A learner is having difficulty completing a particular lab exercise. Which of the following can the instructor do FIRST to help the learner complete the exercise?

    • Ask the learner why they are having so much trouble with the lab.
    • Verify the learner’s steps; guide the learner through the next uncompleted steps by using encouraging words.
    • Ask the learner to watch as the instructor completes the exercise first, and then reset the exercise so the learner can complete it.
    • Quickly create a task list on a whiteboard providing more clear step-by-step instructions for the whole class to use.
  17. A learner seems to understand the material yet still has a question concerning it. Which of the following actions will BEST facilitate the learner?

    • Request other learners share their experiences with similar material.
    • Clearly and concisely answer the learner’s question.
    • Have the learners get into groups and discuss the question.
    • Guide the learner to answering their own question.
  18. Throughout the delivery of a five day class the instructor noticed many improvements that need to be made to the course curriculum. Which of the following is the BEST course of action?

    • Wait for the updated curriculum from the regularly scheduled developer review.
    • Make revisions and changes to the existing materials and activities so the materials will be more effective for subsequent courses.
    • Report recommended revisions and changes to existing materials, and make suggestions for new programs and activities as appropriate.
    • Inform the developer each time an improvement needs to be made so the change can be implemented immediately
  19. An instructor wants to begin their class in a positive manner. Which of the following would accomplish this?

    • Tell a lengthy story related to the importance of the class
    • Begin with a joke to create a relaxed environment
    • List every credential and acronym the instructor has for learner confidence
    • Let the learners know that the course is very challenging
  20. An instructor separates the class into groups. The learners are not working as hard in the groups as they would if they were working individually. Which of the following could the instructor do to create more group interaction? (Select TWO).

    • Create groups with members from different backgrounds.
    • Emphasize conformity to move the group along.
    • The group participation to individual rewards.
    • Limit the accountability of each individual.
    • Clearly define the role for each of the group members.