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TK0-201 : CompTIA CTT+ Essentials : Part 10

  1. An instructor is being observed while teaching a virtual class with learners from different parts of the country. During the presentation the instructor uses a few colloquialisms. Which of the following is the BEST action for the observer to take?

    • Let the instructor keep on going because the training has to get done
    • Have the instructor explain the colloquialisms to the learner and go on
    • Have the instructor tell the learners to take a break and correct the instructor
    • Go to a private chat and explain to the instructor what they are doing wrong
  2. An instructor is previewing the class materials for a course. The instructor notices that a method to monitor learner progress is not included with the course materials. Which of the following should the instructor do NEXT?

    • Administer a survey following the course to gauge learner understanding.
    • Encourage learners to enroll in a subsequent class to reinforce all of the material covered.
    • Immediately consult the client to determine why a method to monitor learner progress was not included.
    • Develop appropriate questions to be included during the course to monitor the progress of all learners.
  3. Which of the following is the BEST indicator that a learner is disinterested?

    • Yawning during learner lab exercise
    • Reading other material while a lecture is being given
    • Poor posture throughout the class
    • No eye contact during group discussions
  4. When providing instruction to a culturally diverse group it is important to: (Select TWO)

    • Remain open to ideas that may differ from the instructor’s ideas.
    • Limit learner dialogue during the course so that the learners do not get confused
    • Strive to influence the group to adopt a neutral viewpoint.
    • Value diversity, accept learners as they are.
    • Break up the learners into cultural groups.
  5. While teaching a class two learners are constantly having difficulties with the material, and ask the instructor questions after every lecture. They are always the last two to finish any exercises. Many of the learners start noticing how frustrated the instructor is getting with the two learners, and comment on how the instructor’s gestures are negative towards the two learners. Which of the following describes the correct non-verbal communication that the instructor should have in this situation?

    • Do not respond to the two learners and continue with the class.
    • Smile and call on the two learners very frequently.
    • Keep eye contact with the learners and spend time with them after class.
    • Speak louder to the two learners when explaining.
  6. The instructor is teaching a class in a very large room and is utilizing a projector to show the class the equipment being taught. Several of the learners seated in the back report they are not able to see the presentation. Which of the following is the BEST solution to the problem?

    • Ask the learners to rotate chairs once they see the presentation.
    • Move to a smaller room so that all learners can be close to the presentation.
    • Tell the learners that the presentation will be available after class.
    • Print out hand-outs of the slides for the learners.
  7. An instructor arrives for a lab class with twelve laptops. The contact takes the instructor into a conference room that contains one large table and twelve chairs. There are no visible outlets in the room. Which of the following should the instructor do?

    • Request assistance to locate outlets or for an extension cord to be run into the room.
    • Instruct the learners at the beginning of the class that laptops will not be used in the course.
    • Run the class on battery power using the laptops as minimally as possible.
    • Select a different room that accommodates twelve learners and has visible outlets.
  8. An instructor arrives at the classroom and discovers that the power is out in the building. There are plenty of windows to provide light to the classroom. Class starts in a few minutes. Which of the following is the FIRST action the instructor should take?

    • Print out the slide presentation and give to them as a handout.
    • Read the day’s topics to the learners and have the learners follow along in their books.
    • Dismiss class until the power goes back on.
    • Use a flip chart and white board to communicate material.
  9. An instructor is delivering a live distance learning class and is informed that some of the learner’s computers do not have sound cards. Which of the following should the instructor do in the future to ensure that the learners will have the ability to hear all lectures?

    • Make the class technology requirements available for the learners before the class.
    • Buy inexpensive sound cards and headphones and ship them to the learners’ locations before the class starts.
    • Pre-write the speaking portion of the presentation. Use the chat function in the virtual classroom, copying and pasting in relevant sections as they are demonstrated on-screen.
    • Pre-record the speaking portions of the presentation and make them downloadable from the virtual classroom.
  10. An instructor noticed that several participants would look away when questions were being asked while other individuals would continue to answer. Which of the following could the instructor do to involve all participants?

    • Stop the class and ask if there were any problems with the instruction of the class.
    • Pull individuals aside to identify reasons for lack of participation.
    • Inform the class that everyone needs to participate to pass the class.
    • Assign small groups and give each a task.
  11. Which of the following is the MOST important issue to consider when identifying the target audience for a training program?

    • Potential gains in participant productivity
    • How much the program will cost
    • The knowledge and skill of the participants
    • The type of incentive to provide for completing the training
  12. An instructor notices that the classroom is extremely hot and several participants report that they are having trouble concentrating on the material. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor to take?

    • Contact facilities management to try to find a prompt interim solution.
    • Stay on task and use humor to distract.
    • Cancel class for the remainder of the day and start fresh the next morning.
    • Tell the learners they have to endure the heat and the problem will be addressed later.
  13. When a learner leans back and crosses their arms in response to a direct question, this MOST likely indicates they:

    • Know the answer but do not want to share it with the rest of the class
    • Are indifferent to the question and want to be disruptive to the class
    • Are uncomfortable with their knowledge of the correct answer
    • Are interested, invested but considering their response carefully
  14. An instructor perceives that a learner is continually flirting with the instructor during class.

    Which of the following should the instructor do to reduce the distraction level caused by the learner?

    • Remove the learner immediately from the class. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.
    • Avoid eye contact and continue with the class. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.
    • Move the learner to a more distant location from the instructor. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.
    • Discuss the behavior with the learner at a break. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.
  15. A client requests a half-day course on a software application from an instructor. The instructor has laptops available for rent, but the client is not interested in paying the cost. Which of the following is the BEST method to handle this situation?

    • Instruct the client that the course can only be run with the laptop rental fee.
    • Bring one laptop and a projector to display presentations and demonstrations.
    • Increase the price of the class and say the laptop usage is free.
    • Explain the best return on investment (ROI) will be realized by hands-on training.
  16. An instructor is use to instructing experienced individuals. The instructor is delivering a class to a group of entry level learners. Which of the following will the instructor need to adjust for this specific group of learners?

    • Body movements and gestures
    • Technical terminology and acronyms
    • Proper syntax and use of grammar
    • Voice inflection and rate of speech
  17. On the first day an instructor administers a pre-test. The results of the test are mixed; some learners scored high and some scored low. Which of the following is an effective use of these results?

    • Modify the delivery to match the abilities of the learners.
    • Use the results as a baseline to measure learning.
    • Remove the over-qualified learners from the class.
    • Remove the under-qualified learners from the class.
  18. An instructor is almost finished completing a course and has a very dissatisfied learner. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action to help the learner?

    • Ask other learners if they had issues with the course.
    • Offer the learner a refund on the course,
    • Ask the learner if they had an issue with the course.
    • Invite the learner back to retake the course.
  19. The BEST method of recording attendance is to:

    • Compile a roster from end of class surveys.
    • Pass a roster around during introductions.
    • Call out a roster for confirmation.
    • Have learners sign the roster as they enter the class.
  20. Which of the following is the main advantage of using a multiple choice questionnaire when conducting training needs analysis?

    • Generates real-life data
    • Exposes the cause of performance problems
    • Allows the data to be anonymous
    • Yields data that is easily summarized and reported