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TK0-201 : CompTIA CTT+ Essentials : Part 19

  1. A spirited discussion begins among the learners, centered on the lecture topic. Which of the following should the instructor do?

    • Do nothing to allow for natural group dynamics
    • Correct learners who have differing opinions
    • Ask the learners to stop the discussion
    • Use active listening to manage the discussion
  2. Two students begin questioning an instructor at the same time. Which student should be allowed to proceed FIRST?

    • The instructor should randomly choose
    • The student who arrived late
    • The female should be given priority
    • The most insistent of the two
  3. An instructor asks students to write five multiple-choice questions on a topic. This exercise will help to:

    • Create an opportunity to use the questions on the final exam.
    • Encourage students to ask and answer questions themselves.
    • Evaluate and monitor student progress.
    • Improve the instructor’s active listening skills.
  4. Which of the following would allow an instructor to motivate students to learn a complex topic?

    • Divide the class into teams and play a game using topic principles.
    • Provide handouts describing shortcuts.
    • Allow students to take quizzes multiple times.
    • Offer extra credit to the student who masters the topic first.
  5. Which of the following would allow an instructor to determine a learner’s need for clarification?

    • The learner’s body language
    • The learner’s motivation
    • The learner’s test results
    • The learner’s question type
  6. A student asks the trainer an intricate question. Which of the following should the trainer do to interpret the question?

    • Ask the student to hold off until the end of the lecture
    • Interrupt the student and answer the question
    • Occasionally ask for clarification
    • Review the objectives
  7. A trainer is contracted to teach from a particular outline and prepares accordingly. During the introduction, it is determined that the students are already versed in some topics and expected to review additional topics not included in the course outline. Which of the following is the BEST response?

    • Explain that the contract requires teaching to the outline without deviation and begin the course as planned.
    • Clearly mark areas for quick review and speak to management at the first opportunity.
    • Excuse the students who already know the material and arrange for an advanced course.
    • Change the outline to satisfy all students’ expectations.
  8. Which of the following question techniques would be LEAST likely to assess the understanding of a learner?

    • Closed
    • Hypothetical
    • Open
    • Clarifying
  9. Because of learner conversation and questioning, a course has moved away from the intended learning objectives. Which of the following techniques can bring the learners back on track?

    • Give the class an extra break to refocus the group.
    • Finish the conversation and adjust the remaining class time and objectives.
    • Guide the discussion back to the objective.
    • Overlook the off-topic conversation and continue with the discussion.
  10. A fire alarm sounds at the beginning of a training course. The evacuation and inspection process takes 30 minutes. Which of the following would be the BEST solution to finishing the day?

    • Extend the course time 30 minutes to compensate for the alarm.
    • Reduce the number of breaks.
    • Adjust the course flow and pace of the remaining time.
    • Have a working lunch period.
  11. To avoid students from being distracted during learning, it is a good practice to:

    • Allow for a period in the beginning of the lesson for learners to check their emails.
    • Allow the learners to use the Internet as a resource.
    • Set the lesson as default on the workstation and disable all other applications.
    • Disable all visual media and allow learners to type responses.
  12. Which of the following methods is the MOST effective questioning technique that will allow an instructor to measure if the classroom is attentive and engaged?

    • Closed-ended questions to initiate conversations
    • Probing questions to facilitate knowledge transfer
    • A mixture of open-ended and closed-ended questions
    • Questions that inspire thought and initiate discussion
  13. An instructor needs to assign a multi-part assignment to an online class. Which of the following deliveries would maximize student engagement?

    • Post a multiple-choice exam
    • Invite students to email each other
    • Create a writing assignment
    • Divide students into groups
  14. A student approaches the instructor with concerns that a specific assignment does not appear to meet any of the course objectives. Which of the following would be the BEST instructor response?

    • Inform the student that the instructor did not write the objectives.
    • Identify the objective with an explanation of how the assignment meets the objective.
    • Direct the student to the instructor’s supervisor for discussion.
    • Remind the student that not all assignments will align with a course objective.
  15. Which of the following teaching techniques would BEST enable a reserved student to participate more in class?

    • Use student-owned mobile phones with projected still images.
    • Use an electronic student response device for each team in a game.
    • Use electronic student response devices with a game.
    • Use presentation remote devices with an online video game.
  16. In a classroom setting, the same student keeps calling out the answer, stopping other students from participating. Which of the following would remedy this situation while motivating all learners?

    • Privately ask the student to refrain from this activity.
    • Divide the class into teams and ask the student to be the moderator.
    • Ask the student to answer only one question per class.
    • Call on other students by name.
  17. An instructor is teaching a course with learners who have different levels of experience. During the course, one learner is constantly asking questions indicating that the learner does not have sufficient previous experience. Although the course is on schedule, some of the other learners are frustrated. Which of the following would be the BEST approach for the instructor to take?

    • Direct the learner to the Internet to get more information
    • Reschedule the learner for another course
    • Maintain the current pace and continue to answer questions as needed
    • Tell the learner to ask all questions at the end of the class
  18. After reviewing several topics, an instructor decides to ask the learners some review questions. After asking the first question, one of the learners answered incorrectly. Which of the following is the BEST approach for the instructor to take?

    • Allow another learner to answer the question and continue training
    • Ask the learner to stay after class for a review of the material
    • Ask the learner to research the correct answer
    • Explain the correct response and provide positive and constructive feedback
  19. After teaching a lesson with many sequential steps, a student is having trouble grasping the material. The student has been identified as a tactile learner. Which of the following would BEST benefit the student?

    • Review the main lecture points again
    • Have the student perform the actions
    • Demonstrate the lesson to the student
    • Draw an illustration on the board
  20. A class has a few students who have prior knowledge in the subject matter. After teaching the lesson, which of the following would be the BEST way to proceed?

    • Put the class on break
    • Start the next lesson
    • Begin a thorough review of the lesson
    • Solicit stories from the students