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TK0-201 : CompTIA CTT+ Essentials : Part 22

  1. During a pre-class meeting with the training manager, the instructor is informed that two of the participants are foreign learners and have difficulty with the English language. The class to be presented is an advanced topic. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate course of action?

    • Suggest that someone be brought in to assist these learners.
    • Ask other learners to assist during the course.
    • Slow the pace of the course even if all the material is not covered.
    • Try to translate any sections that might be difficult.
  2. A company is hosting a training event at their location. The instructor has started the training, and one of the learners indicates that a page is missing from the handout. Which of the following should the instructor do NEXT?

    • Ask the learner to get a copy from another learner
    • Inform the company of the issue
    • Continue with the training and provide the missing page after the next break
    • Inform the learner that it was an error by their quality control department
  3. Which of the following delivery methods should be used sparingly?

    • Reading from the book
    • Lecture periods
    • Discussion sessions
    • Hands-on lab sessions
  4. Certain business practices are driven by scenarios that are centered on performing specific tasks. The BEST delivery method would be:

    • Lecture
    • Role play
    • Discussion
    • Brainstorm
  5. A trainer has been tasked with developing a safety course for workers in a manufacturing plant. Which of the following learning styles would be used MOST often?

    • Kinesthetic
    • Auditory
    • Mathematic
    • Visual
  6. Using every available feature of a computer-based graphic presentation is:

    • Abenefit to the visual learner.
    • Distracting to the learner.
    • An excellent use of training materials.
    • Acreative use of resources.
  7. A student points out an error in the training materials during a class. Which of the following is the BEST course of action the trainer should take?

    • Ignore the error and follow the material as designed.
    • Verify the error and acknowledge it during the class.
    • During the class, call the designer to make the correction to the material.
    • Continue presenting the material and correct the course designers after class.
  8. In an economics lecture, the instructor wants to illustrate that, theoretically, a situation could never happen. Which of the following hand gestures would be MOST effective in making this point?

    • Right hand moving parallel to the floor
    • A fist with the index finger extended upward
    • Using both hands out front, palm to palm and spreading them slowly apart
    • A closed fist
  9. A learner asks a trainer a question about a topic area that is related to the course. The trainer has no knowledge on the topic area. Which of the following are the BEST ways to respond to the question? (Select TWO).

    • Redirect the question to the class.
    • Research the question over a break, and then provide an answer.
    • Discuss how that topic is outside the scope of the class.
    • Provide an answer that sounds plausible.
    • Admit lack of knowledge on the topic and move on with the class.
  10. A trainer has just completed instruction on a seven-step process. The trainer tells a real-world story to the class and then asks the learners to identify which step of the process was used in that story. The trainer was effectively attempting to:

    • Identify a hidden eighth step.
    • Use listening techniques to understand learner questions.
    • Manage course flow.
    • Lead learners from recall to application.
  11. An instructor takes a negative stance on a course topic. Using concepts learned in the course, learners are asked to debate why the instructor’s position is faulty. This strategy will:

    • Cause anger and frustration.
    • Create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion.
    • Confuse the learners.
    • Encourage resourceful learners to answer their own questions.
  12. Which of the following is MOST appropriate for a trainer to use to regain students’ focus?

    • Take a short break to come up with an interactive discussion
    • Stop lecturing until the class regains focus
    • Create a loud noise to get students’ attention
    • Turn the lights on and off to increase students’ awareness
  13. While delivering a course, the trainer notices one learner who is not grasping some of the concepts. Which of the following would BEST assess the needs of the learner?

    • Slow the pace of the class to meet the needs of the learner.
    • Ask the learner to keep up with the person next to them.
    • Ask the learner to answer more questions than other classmates.
    • During a break, discuss challenges with the learner.
  14. During a lecture, an open-ended question is given to the class. A learner responds with an answer that is not completely correct. Which of the following would be the BEST way to give the learner the correct answer?

    • Explain to the learner that the answer was wrong, and then go through the correct answer. While explaining the incorrect answer, point out where the learner was wrong.
    • Repeat the learner’s response, while explaining the areas of the question that were wrong, then asking the learner if they would change the answer to the correct response.
    • Focus on the parts of the answer that were correct. Next explain those aspects that were incorrect. Afterward, repeat those parts that were correct.
    • Ask another learner to explain why the answer given was incorrect, then repeat the learner’s response. Ask the class to give other examples as to why this is incorrect.
  15. When planning to deliver an online course, the trainer MUST make time for:

    • Constructive feedback on the materials.
    • Keyboard shortcuts in applications.
    • Rude and disrespectful comments from learners.
    • Explanations of the emoticons used in the course.
  16. During a training class on increasing productivity, the client requests suggestions on how to motivate their employees upon returning to work. Which of the following methods should the trainer suggest to BEST motivate the client’s employees?

    • Dismiss the employee with the lowest increase in productivity.
    • Reward the employee with the highest increase in productivity.
    • Provide a bonus to the trainer if productivity increases.
    • Provide a bonus to all employees that increase productivity.
  17. A student asks an off-topic open-ended question. Which of the following would be the BEST response?

    • Inform the students that the question will not be on the test
    • Explain politely why the question is off topic and move on
    • Ask the student to research the question
    • Clarify with the student which topic the question pertains to
  18. Which of the following would a trainer use to motivate students as a class?

    • Make evaluations difficult to motivate the students to study harder and do better
    • Create an evaluation that is easy early in the class to create confidence in the students
    • Only provide an evaluation at the end of training so that students can look forward to the tests
    • Create evaluations with only true and false answers to provide students with a better chance to pass
  19. At the beginning of a course, an instructor suspects that a student has not grasped the information covered in a prerequisite course. Which of the following should the instructor do?

    • Direct the student to additional resources.
    • Consult the student’s transcript.
    • Suggest that the student drop the course.
    • Contact the student’s advisor for an explanation.
  20. A student emails an instructor with an entire life story of why assignments are being turned in late. The instructor suspects that the student simply lacks motivation. Which of the following is the BEST option for the instructor?

    • Sympathize with the student and explain why late assignments cannot be accepted.
    • Give the student extended time to complete the missing assignments.
    • Refer the student to the school’s Student Services department.
    • Promise the student extra credit points for each assignment turned in on time.