XK0-004 : CompTIA Linux+ : Part 14

  1. A systems administrator notices several intensive tasks executing from users Joe and Ann. These processes are impacting server operations but must be allowed to continue running.

    Which of the following commands should the systems administrator run to reduce the impact on the server?

    • pkill -u joe ann
    • renice 11 -u joe ann
    • nohup -u joe ann
    • strace -u joe ann
  2. A Linux administrator needs to prevent the Postfix mail transfer agent from starting on boot.

    Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?

    • systemctl stop postfix.service
    • /etc/init.d/postfix stop
    • systemctl disable postfix.service
    • /etc/init.d/postfix disable
  3. A systems administrator manually added a new library to the server. The administrator wants to rebuild the library cache for immediate use.

    Which of the following commands should the systems administrator run to achieve this goal?

    • make install
    • ldconfig
    • make
    • ldd
  4. An administrator is troubleshooting to determine why backups are failing on a particular server. The administrator runs the ps command and analyzes the following output.

    XK0-004 Part 14 Q04 064
    XK0-004 Part 14 Q04 064

    The administrator runs kill -9 10112 yet the process remains.

    Which of the following BEST describes the issue and how to fix it?

    • The backup process is still running and needs to be killed with kill -9 –force 10112.
    • The backup process is a zombie process, and the system needs to be rebooted.
    • The backup process is out of memory, and more memory needs to be added to the system.
    • The backup process is using 100% of system resources and needs to be rescheduled with renice.
  5. A junior systems administrator needs to schedule a backup script named /scripts/backup.sh and make the correct changes to the crontab.

    Which of the following crontab entries would run the script every Monday at 2:05 a.m.?

    • 1 * * 5 2 /scripts/backup.sh
    • 2 5 * * 1 /scripts/backup.sh
    • 5 2 * * 1 /scripts/backup.sh
    • 1 * * 2 5 /scripts/backup.sh
    • 5 2 * * 0 /scripts/backup.sh
  6. A user is unable to write data to an NFS datastore at /mnt/storage. A df command indicates 50% free inodes.

    Which of the following commands should the user attempt NEXT to diagnose the situation?

    • df -h /mnt/storage
    • du -sh /mnt
    • fdisk -l /mnt/storage
    • df -i /mnt/storage
  7. A systems administrator clones copies of a Linux VM every time a new Linux server is needed. The administrator notices the command prompt always states localhost.localdomain.

    Which of the following should the administrator run to have the command prompt consistently labeled as Server1 rather than localhost.localdomain?

    • host Server1
    • echo “ Server1 Server1.localdomain” >> /etc/hosts
    • hostnamectl set-hostname “Server1” –pretty
    • hostnamectl set-hostname Server1 –transient
    • hostnamectl set-hostname Server1.localdomain –static
  8. A systems administrator uses a remote execution engine to iterate through each IP address in a network and run a script on remote hosts. The script captures the remote system’s hostname, IP address, OS distribution, and system uptime. The output of the script gets saved to the administrator’s local workstation for future processing.

    Which of the following is this an example of?

    • Performance monitoring
    • Inventory
    • Agentless
    • Infrastructure as code
    • Build automation