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Consider the following output for an ACL that has been applied to a router via the access-class in command. What can a network administrator determine from the output that is shown?

R1# <output omitted> 
Standard IP access list 2 
10 permit, wildcard bits (2 matches) 
20 deny any (1 match) 
  • Traffic from one device was not allowed to come into one router port and be routed outbound a different router port.
  • Traffic from two devices was allowed to enter one router port and be routed outbound to a different router port.
  • Two devices connected to the router have IP addresses of 192.168.10. x .
  • Two devices were able to use SSH or Telnet to gain access to the router.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

The access-class command is used only on VTY ports. VTY ports support Telnet and/or SSH traffic. The match permit ACE is how many attempts were allowed using the VTY ports. The match deny ACE shows that a device from a network other than was not allowed to access the router through the VTY ports.

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