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DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – DevNet Associate Module 8 Exam Answers

1. Which underlying technology makes it possible for Cisco Umbrella to prevent a user from accessing a blocked site?

  • DNS
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • Cisco Firewall
  • DHCP

2. Which language is used by the NETCONF protocol to encode both the configuration data and protocol messages?

  • XML
  • YAML
  • HTML
  • JSON

3. What are the three main capabilities provided by Cisco AMP? (Choose three.)

  • annihilation
  • detection
  • responses and automation
  • redirection
  • relaying
  • prevention

4. Which three functions are provided by Cisco Finesse REST APIS? (Choose three.)

  • They can be used to integrate into existing applications to add contact center functionality.
  • They can be used to get termination call detail (TCD) reports.
  • They can be used to get the call history of an agent.
  • They can be used to build a fully functioning agent desktop.
  • They can be used to build custom OpenSocial gadgets.
  • They can be used to build a script to automate tasks.

5. Which two benefits are provided by the Python-based WebEx Teams SDK? (Choose two.)

  • It integrates with the Webex Devices API.
  • It provides error reporting.
  • It provides access to more API calls within Webex Teams.
  • It manages requests with pagination.
  • It is better supported than the Webex Teams APIs.

6. Refer to the exhibit. Which data format is used to describe the list of interfaces?

DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) - Module 8 Exam Answers 1

  • JSON
  • YANG
  • XML
  • YAML
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    YANG models use a tree structure. Within that structure, the models are similar in format to XML and are constructed in modules. These modules are hierarchical in nature and contain all the different data and types that make up a YANG device model.

7. Which two statements describe the usage of Cisco Finesse JavaScript APIs? (Choose two.)

  • They can be used to get the call history of an agent.
  • They can be used to build custom gadgets to be placed into applications other than Finesse.
  • They can be used to embed existing web pages into a custom gadget.
  • They can be used to build a custom gadget for the agent state workflow.
  • They can be used to build a fully functioning agent desktop.

8. Why does the Meraki dashboard API return a 404 rather than a 403 code in response to a request with an invalid API key?

  • The 404 return code determines whether unauthorized users will try again.
  • The 403 return code would indicate that the client definitely has an invalid API key.
  • The 404 return code prevents the system from indicating the existence of resources to unauthorized users.
  • The 403 return code would indicate that there are no resources at that endpoint but the API key could be correct.

9. What does Cisco ISE do when it identifies a user or device accessing the network?

  • It logs the access attempt.
  • It automatically and securely places the device and user into the right part of the network.
  • It processes the originating IP address according to a whitelist.
  • It quarantines the device and user until an administrator releases the quarantine.

10. How are service profiles used by Cisco UCS Manager?

  • Cisco USC Manager uses an assigned service profile to each instance to define network policy.
  • Cisco UCS Manager uses service profiles to assign a unique identity to the server associated with each profile.
  • Cisco UCS Manager saves service profiles to recover servers in case of data loss.
  • Cisco UCS Manager uses service profiles as templates to provision policies to multiple versions of the same server.

11. Which function does the AXL interface provide for users?

  • provisions and manages objects in the Unified Communication Management Administration Console
  • looks up the top ten OWASP vulnerabilities and identifies which endpoints are vulnerable
  • updates network device configurations with a rollback mechanism
  • provisions Webex Devices and customizes each display

12. What are three primary YANG sources in Cisco NSO? (Choose three.)

  • mapping model
  • data models from devices
  • NSO data model
  • configuration models
  • communication model
  • YANG service models

13. What are two tasks a network administrator can perform with Cisco UCS Director? (Choose two.)

  • Manage multiple Cisco UCS Manager appliances.
  • Deploy and add capacity to converged infrastructures in a consistent and repeatable manner.
  • Load-balance data traffic.
  • Create, clone, and deploy service profiles and templates for all Cisco UCS servers and compute applications.
  • Create a direct line of communication between Cisco and non-Cisco components.

14. What are two actions taken by Firepower for traffic control? (Choose two.)

  • using security intelligence data to filter traffic, including IP addresses, address blocks, domain names, and URLs
  • controlling which websites are available to the users on the network
  • shutting down the network in the event of a DDOS attack
  • directing heavy data traffic to free servers
  • load balancing during high-traffic time periods

15. What are two types of YANG models? (Choose two.)

  • native model
  • vendor model
  • private model
  • hybrid model
  • open model
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