312-38 : Certified Network Defender : Part 24

  1. The bank where you work has 600 windows computers and 400 Red Hat computers which primarily serve as bank teller consoles. You have created a plan and deployed all the patches to the Windows computers and you are now working on updating the Red Hat computers. What command should you run on the network to update the Red Hat computers, download the security package, force the package installation, and update all currently installed packages?

    • You should run the up2data -u command.
    • You should run the up2date –d -f -u command.
    • You should run the WSUS –d -f -u command.
    • You should type the sysupdate –d command.
  2. Dan and Alex are business partners working together. Their Business-Partner Policy states that they should encrypt their emails before sending to each other. How will they ensure the authenticity of their emails?

    • Dan will use his digital signature to sign his mails while Alex will use Dan’s public key to verify the authenticity of the mails.
    • Dan will use his digital signature to sign his mails while Alex will use his private key to verify the authenticity of the mails.
    • Dan will use his private key to encrypt his mails while Alex will use his digital signature to verify the authenticity of the mails.
    • Dan will use his public key to encrypt his mails while Alex will use Dan’s digital signature to verify the authenticity of the mails.
  3. A VPN Concentrator acts as a bidirectional tunnel endpoint among host machines. What are the other function(s) of the device? (Choose all that apply.)

    • Enables input/output (I/O) operations
    • Provides access memory, achieving high efficiency
    • Manages security keys
    • Assigns user addresses
  4. Which characteristic of an antenna refers to how directional an antennas radiation pattern is?

    • Radiation pattern
    • Polarization
    • Directivity
    • Typical gain
  5. Which field is not included in the TCP header?

    • Acknowledgment number
    • Sequence number
    • Source port
    • Source IP address
  6. John wants to implement a packet filtering firewall in his organization’s network. What TCP/IP layer does a packet filtering firewall work on?

    • Network Interface layer
    • Application layer
    • IP layer
    • TCP layer
  7. What command is used to terminate certain processes in an Ubuntu system?

    • # netstat Kill [ Target Process]
    • #ps ax Kill
    • #grep Kill [Target Process]
    • #kill -9 [PID]
  8. Which type of wireless network threats an attacker stakes out the area from a nearby location with a high gain amplifier drowning out the legitimate access point?

    • Rogue access point attack
    • Jamming signal attack
    • Ad Hoc Connection attack
    • Unauthorized association
  9. Which of the following type of UPS is used to supply power above 10kVA and provides an ideal electric output presentation, and its constant wear on the power components reduces the dependability?

    • Line Interactive
    • Double conversion on-line
    • Stand by Ferro
    • Stand by On-line hybrid
  10. John has planned to update all Linux workstations in his network. The organization is using various Linux distributions including Red hat, Fedora and Debian. Which of following commands will he use to update each respective Linux distribution?

    312-38 Part 24 Q10 032
    312-38 Part 24 Q10 032
    • 1-ii, 2-i,3-iv,4-iii
    • 1-v,2-iii,3-i,4-iv
    • 1-iv,2-v,3-iv,4-iii
    • 1-iii,2-iv,3-ii,4-v
  11. Andrew would like to configure IPsec in a manner that provides confidentiality for the content of packets. What component of IPsec provides this capability?

    • IKE
    • ESP
    • AH
    • ISAKMP
  12. A newly joined network administrator wants to assess the organization against possible risk. He notices the organization doesn’t have a __________ identified which helps measure how risky an activity is.

    • Risk Severity
    • Risk Matrix
    • Risk levels
    • Key Risk Indicator
  13. Sean has built a site-to-site VPN architecture between the head office and the branch office of his company. When users in the branch office and head office try to communicate with each other, the traffic is encapsulated. As the traffic passes though the gateway, it is encapsulated again. The header and payload both are encapsulated. This second encapsulation occurs only in the __________ implementation of a VPN.

    • Point-to-Point Mode
    • Transport Mode
    • Tunnel Mode
    • Full Mesh Mode
  14. Simon had all his systems administrators implement hardware and software firewalls to ensure network security. They implemented IDS/IPS systems throughout the network to check for and stop any unauthorized traffic that may attempt to enter. Although Simon and his administrators believed they were secure, a hacker group was able to get into the network and modify files hosted on the company’s website. After searching through the firewall and server logs, no one could find how the attackers were able to get in. He decides that the entire network needs to be monitored for critical and essential file changes. This monitoring tool alerts administrators when a critical file is altered. What tool could Simon and his administrators implement to accomplish this?

    • They need to use Nessus.
    • Snort is the best tool for their situation.
    • They could use Tripwire.
    • They can implement Wireshark.
  15. Chris is a senior network administrator. Chris wants to measure the Key Risk Indicator (KRI) to assess the organization. Why is Chris calculating the KRI for his organization? It helps Chris to:

    • Identifies adverse events
    • Facilitates backward viewing
    • Notifies when risk has reached threshold levels
    • Facilitates post incident management
  16. Which Event Correlation Approach checks and compares all the fields systematically and intentionally for positive and negative correlation with each other to determine the correlation across one or multiple fields?

    • Rule-Based Approach
    • Graph-Based Approach
    • Field-Based Approach
    • Automated Field Correlation
  17. Bryson is the IT manager and sole IT employee working for a federal agency in California. The agency was just given a grant and was able to hire on 30 more employees for a new extended project. Because of this, Bryson has hired on two more IT employees to train up and work. Both of his new hires are straight out of college and do not have any practical IT experience. Bryson has spent the last two weeks teaching the new employees the basics of computers, networking, troubleshooting techniques etc. To see how these two new hires are doing, he asks them at what layer of the OSI model do Network Interface Cards (NIC) work on. What should the new employees answer?

    • They should answer with the Presentation layer.
    • NICs work on the Session layer of the OSI model.
    • They should tell Bryson that NICs perform on the Physical layer.
    • The new employees should say that NICs perform on the Network layer.
  18. A US-based organization decided to implement a RAID storage technology for their data backup plan. John wants to setup a RAID level that requires a minimum of six drives but will meet high fault tolerance and with a high speed for the data read and write operations. What RAID level will John need to choose to meet this requirement?

    • RAID level 50
    • RAID level 1
    • RAID level 10
    • RAID level 5
  19. Ivan needs to pick an encryption method that is scalable even though it might be slower. He has settled on a method that works where one key is public and the other is private. What encryption method did Ivan settle on?

    • Ivan settled on the hashing encryption method.
    • Ivan settled on the asymmetric encryption method.
    • Ivan settled on the private encryption method.
    • Ivan settled on the symmetric encryption method.
  20. Identify the spread spectrum technique that multiplies the original data signal with a pseudo random noise spreading code.

    • ISM
    • FHSS
    • DSSS
    • OFDM
  21. Katie has implemented the RAID level that splits data into blocks and evenly writes the data to multiple hard drives but does not provide data redundancy. This type of RAID level requires a minimum of __________ in order to setup.

    • Two drives
    • Three drives
    • Six drives
    • Four drives
  22. Geon Solutions INC., had only 10 employees when it started. But as business grew, the organization had to increase the amount of staff. The network administrator is finding it difficult to accommodate an increasing number of employees in the existing network topology. So the organization is planning to implement a new topology where it will be easy to accommodate an increasing number of employees. Which network topology will help the administrator solve the problem of needing to add new employees and expand?

    • Mesh
    • Ring
    • Bus
    • Star
  23. The agency Jacob works for stores and transmits vast amounts of sensitive government data that cannot be compromised. Jacob has implemented Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) to encrypt IP traffic. Jacob wants to encrypt the IP traffic by inserting the ESP header in the IP datagram before the transport layer protocol header. What mode of ESP does Jacob need to use to encrypt the IP traffic?

    • Jacob should use ESP in pass-through mode.
    • Jacob should utilize ESP in tunnel mode.
    • He should use ESP in gateway mode.
    • He should use ESP in transport mode.