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312-49 : Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator : Part 27

  1. What does the command “C:\>wevtutil gl <log name>” display?

    • Configuration information of a specific Event Log
    • Event logs are saved in .xml format
    • Event log record structure
    • List of available Event Logs
  2. An investigator is analyzing a checkpoint firewall log and comes across symbols. What type of log is he looking at?

    312-49 Part 27 Q02 014
    312-49 Part 27 Q02 014
    • Security event was monitored but not stopped
    • Malicious URL detected
    • An email marked as potential spam
    • Connection rejected
  3. For what purpose do the investigators use tools like iPhoneBrowser, iFunBox, OpenSSHSSH, and iMazing?

    • Bypassing iPhone passcode
    • Debugging iPhone
    • Rooting iPhone
    • Copying contents of iPhone
  4. Which of the following does Microsoft Exchange E-mail Server use for collaboration of various e-mail applications?

    • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    • Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI)
    • Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
    • Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3)
  5. Which of the following is a precomputed table containing word lists like dictionary files and brute force lists and their hash values?

    • Directory Table
    • Rainbow Table
    • Master file Table (MFT)
    • Partition Table
  6. What is the capacity of Recycle bin in a system running on Windows Vista?

    • 2.99GB
    • 3.99GB
    • Unlimited
    • 10% of the partition space
  7. Brian needs to acquire data from RAID storage. Which of the following acquisition methods is recommended to retrieve only the data relevant to the investigation?

    • Static Acquisition
    • Sparse or Logical Acquisition
    • Bit-stream disk-to-disk Acquisition
    • Bit-by-bit Acquisition
  8. Analyze the hex representation of mysql-bin.000013 file in the screenshot below. Which of the following will be an inference from this analysis?

    312-49 Part 27 Q08 015
    312-49 Part 27 Q08 015
    • A user with username bad_guy has logged into the WordPress web application
    • A WordPress user has been created with the username anonymous_hacker
    • An attacker with name anonymous_hacker has replaced a user bad_guy in the WordPress database
    • A WordPress user has been created with the username bad_guy
  9. What technique is used by JPEGs for compression?

    • TIFF-8
    • ZIP
    • DCT
    • TCD
  10. Which of the following is found within the unique instance ID key and helps investigators to map the entry from USBSTOR key to the MountedDevices key?

    • ParentIDPrefix
    • LastWrite
    • UserAssist key
    • MRUListEx key
  11. What is the investigator trying to analyze if the system gives the following image as output?

    312-49 Part 27 Q11 016
    312-49 Part 27 Q11 016
    • All the logon sessions
    • Currently active logon sessions
    • Inactive logon sessions
    • Details of users who can logon