312-50v10 : Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Exam : Part 02

  1. Insecure direct object reference is a type of vulnerability where the application does not verify if the user is authorized to access the internal object via its name or key.

    Suppose a malicious user Rob tries to get access to the account of a benign user Ned.

    Which of the following requests best illustrates an attempt to exploit an insecure direct object reference vulnerability?

    • “GET/restricted/goldtransfer?to=Rob&from=1 or 1=1’ HTTP/1.1Host: westbank.com”
    • “GET/restricted/accounts/?name=Ned HTTP/1.1 Host: westbank.com”
    • “GET/restricted/bank.getaccount(‘Ned’) HTTP/1.1 Host: westbank.com”
    • “GET/restricted/\r\n\%00account%00Ned%00access HTTP/1.1 Host: westbank.com”
  2. Which tool allows analysts and pen testers to examine links between data using graphs and link analysis?

    • Metasploit
    • Cain & Abel
    • Maltego
    • Wireshark
  3. Which of these is capable of searching for and locating rogue access points?

    • HIDS
    • NIDS
    • WISS
    • WIPS
  4. A hacker is an intelligent individual with excellent computer skills and the ability to explore a computer’s software and hardware without the owner’s permission. Their intention can either be to simply gain knowledge or to illegally make changes.

    Which of the following class of hacker refers to an individual who works both offensively and defensively at various times?

    • White Hat
    • Suicide Hacker
    • Gray Hat
    • Black Hat
  5. Websites and web portals that provide web services commonly use the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Which of the following is an incorrect definition or characteristics of the protocol?

    • Based on XML
    • Only compatible with the application protocol HTTP
    • Exchanges data between web services
    • Provides a structured model for messaging
  6. You have gained physical access to a Windows 2008 R2 server which has an accessible disc drive. When you attempt to boot the server and log in, you are unable to guess the password. In your toolkit, you have an Ubuntu 9.10 Linux LiveCD. Which Linux-based tool can change any user’s password or activate disabled Windows accounts?

    • John the Ripper
    • SET
    • CHNTPW
    • Cain & Abel
  7. What type of vulnerability/attack is it when the malicious person forces the user’s browser to send an authenticated request to a server?

    • Cross-site request forgery
    • Cross-site scripting
    • Session hijacking
    • Server side request forgery
  8. From the following table, identify the wrong answer in terms of Range (ft).

    312-50v10 Part 02 Q08 002
    312-50v10 Part 02 Q08 002
    • 802.11b
    • 802.11g
    • 802.16(WiMax)
    • 802.11a
  9. What would you enter, if you wanted to perform a stealth scan using Nmap?

    • nmap -sU
    • nmap -sS
    • nmap -sM
    • nmap -sT
  10. You are doing an internal security audit and intend to find out what ports are open on all the servers. What is the best way to find out?

    • Scan servers with Nmap
    • Scan servers with MBSA
    • Telnet to every port on each server
    • Physically go to each server
  11. Steve, a scientist who works in a governmental security agency, developed a technological solution to identify people based on walking patterns and implemented this approach to a physical control access.

    A camera captures people walking and identifies the individuals using Steve’s approach.

    After that, people must approximate their RFID badges. Both the identifications are required to open the door.

    In this case, we can say:

    • Although the approach has two phases, it actually implements just one authentication factor
    • The solution implements the two authentication factors: physical object and physical characteristic
    • The solution will have a high level of false positives
    • Biological motion cannot be used to identify people
  12. Which Intrusion Detection System is the best applicable for large environments where critical assets on the network need extra scrutiny and is ideal for observing sensitive network segments?

    • Honeypots
    • Firewalls
    • Network-based intrusion detection system (NIDS)
    • Host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS)
  13. Which of the following is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library? This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet.

    • SSL/TLS Renegotiation Vulnerability
    • Shellshock
    • Heartbleed Bug
    • POODLE
  14. Which protocol is used for setting up secure channels between two devices, typically in VPNs?

    • PPP
    • IPSEC
    • PEM
    • SET
  15. Which of the following Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA) produces a 160-bit digest from a message with a maximum length of (264-1) bits and resembles the MD5 algorithm?

    • SHA-2
    • SHA-3
    • SHA-1
    • SHA-0
  16. When does the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) require organizations to perform external and internal penetration testing?

    • At least twice a year or after any significant upgrade or modification
    • At least once a year and after any significant upgrade or modification 
    • At least once every two years and after any significant upgrade or modification
    • At least once every three years or after any significant upgrade or modification
  17. If a tester is attempting to ping a target that exists but receives no response or a response that states the destination is unreachable, ICMP may be disabled and the network may be using TCP. Which other option could the tester use to get a response from a host using TCP?

    • Traceroute
    • Hping
    • TCP ping
    • Broadcast ping
  18. Which of the following types of jailbreaking allows user-level access but does not allow iboot-level access?

    • Bootrom Exploit
    • iBoot Exploit
    • Sandbox Exploit
    • Userland Exploit
  19. What is not a PCI compliance recommendation?

    • Use a firewall between the public network and the payment card data.
    • Use encryption to protect all transmission of card holder data over any public network.
    • Rotate employees handling credit card transactions on a yearly basis to different departments.
    • Limit access to card holder data to as few individuals as possible.
  20. The “white box testing” methodology enforces what kind of restriction?

    • Only the internal operation of a system is known to the tester.
    • The internal operation of a system is completely known to the tester.
    • The internal operation of a system is only partly accessible to the tester.
    • Only the external operation of a system is accessible to the tester.
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