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312-50v10 : Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Exam : Part 13

  1. Log monitoring tools performing behavioral analysis have alerted several suspicious logins on a Linux server occuring during non-business hours. After further examination of all login activities, it is notices that none of the logins have occurred during typical work hours. A Linux administrator who is investigating this problem realized the system time on the Linux server is wrong by more than twelve hours. What protocol used on Linux serves to synchronize the time has stopped working?

    • NTP 
    • TimeKeeper
    • OSPF
    • PPP
  2. The “black box testing” methodology enforces what kind of restriction?

    • Only the internal operation of a system is known to the tester.
    • The internal operation of a system is completely known to the tester.
    • The internal operation of a system is only partly accessible to the tester.
    • Only the external operation of a system is accessible to the tester.
  3. >NMAP –sn The NMAP command above performs which of the following?

    • A port scan
    • A ping scan 
    • An operating system detect
    • A trace sweep
  4. An LDAP directory can be used to store information similar to a SQL database. LDAP uses a ____ database structure instead of SQL’s ______ structure. Because of this, LDAP has difficulty representing many-to-one relationships.

    • Strict, Abstract
    • Simple, Complex
    • Relational, Hierarchical
    • Hierarchical, Relational 
  5. What is the purpose of DNS AAAA record?

    • Address prefix record
    • Address database record
    • Authorization, Authentication and Auditing record
    • IPv6 address resolution record 
  6. Which of the following statements is FALSE with respect to Intrusion Detection Systems?

    • Intrusion Detection Systems can easily distinguish a malicious payload in an encrypted traffic 
    • Intrusion Detection Systems can examine the contents of the data in context of the network protocol
    • Intrusion Detection Systems can be configured to distinguish specific content in network packets
    • Intrusion Detection Systems require constant update of the signature library
  7. You are performing a penetration test for a client and have gained shell access to a Windows machine on the internal network. You intend to retrieve all DNS records for the internal domain. If the DNS server is at and the domain name is abccorp.local, what command would you type at the nslookup prompt to attempt a zone transfer?

    • list domain=abccorp.local type=zone
    • Is –d accorp.local 
    • list server= type=all
    • Iserver –t all
  8. Which command can be used to show the current TCP/IP connections?

    • Netsh
    • Net use connection
    • Netstat 
    • Net use
  9. You are performing information gathering for an important penetration test. You have found pdf, doc, and images in your objective. You decide to extract metadata from these files and analyze it. What tool will help you with the task?

    • Armitage
    • DMitry
    • Metagoofil 
    • cdpsnarf
  10. You have several plain-text firewall logs that you must review to evaluate network traffic. You know that in order to do fast, efficient searches of the logs you must use regular expressions. Which command-line utility are you most likely to use?

    • Relational Database
    • MS Excel
    • Notepad
    • Grep 
  11. This phase will increase the odds of success in later phases of the penetration test. It is also the very first step in Information Gathering and it will tell you the “landscape” looks like. What is the most important phase of ethical hacking in which you need to spend a considerable amount of time?

    • network mapping
    • footprinting 
    • escalating privileges
    • gaining access
  12. When you are collecting information to perform a data analysis, Google commands are very useful to find sensitive information and files. These files may contain information about passwords, system functions, or documentation. What command will help you to search files using Google as a search engine?

    • site: filetype:xls username password email 
    • domain: archieve:xls username password email
    • inurl: filename:xls username password email
    • site: file:xls username password email
  13. You have successfully gained access to your client’s internal network and successfully comprised a Linux server which is part of the internal IP network. You want to know which Microsoft Windows workstations have file sharing enabled. Which port would you see listening on these Windows machines in the network?

    • 161
    • 3389
    • 445
    • 1433
  14. Which of the following is assured by the use of a hash?

    • Authentication
    • Confidentially
    • Availability
    • Integrity 
  15. Risks=Threats x Vulnerabilities is referred to as the:

    • BIA equation
    • Disaster recovery formula
    • Risk equation 
    • Threat assessment
  16. The tools which receive event logs from servers, network equipment, and applications, and perform analysis and correlation on those logs, and can generate alarms for security relevant issues, are known as what?

    • Network Sniffer
    • Vulnerability Scanner
    • Intrusion Prevention Server
    • Security Incident and Event Monitoring 
  17. You have just been hired to perform a pen test on an organization that has been subjected to a large-scale attack. The CIO is concerned with mitigating threats and vulnerabilities to totally eliminate risk. What is one of the first things you should do when given the job?

    • Establish attribution to suspected attackers
    • Interview all employees in the company to rule out possible insider threats
    • Explain to the CIO that you cannot eliminate all risk, but you will be able to reduce risk to acceptable levels. 
    • Start the wireshark application to start sniffing network traffic.
  18. The purpose of a _______is to deny network access to local area networks and other information assets by unauthorized wireless devices.

    • Wireless Analyzer
    • Wireless Jammer
    • Wireless Access Point
    • Wireless Access Control List 
  19. What does the –oX flag do in an Nmap scan?

    • Perform an Xmas scan
    • Perform an eXpress scan
    • Output the results in truncated format to the screen
    • Output the results in XML format to a file 
  20. During an Xmas scan, what indicates a port is closed?

    • RST 
    • SYN
    • ACK
    • No return response