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ECSAv10 : EC-Council Certified Security Analyst : Part 04

  1. William, a penetration tester in a pen test firm, was asked to get the information about the SMTP server on a target network.

    What does William need to do to get the SMTP server information?

    • Send an email message to a non-existing user of the target organization and check for bounced mail header
    • Examine the session variables
    • Examine TCP sequence numbers
    • Look for information available in web page source code
  2. James is a security consultant at Big Frog Software Pvt Ltd. He is an expert in Footprinting and Social engineering tasks. His team lead tasked him to find details about the target through passive reconnaissance. James used websites to check the link popularity of the client’s domain name.

    What information does the link popularity provide?

    • Information about the network resources
    • Information about visitors, their geolocations, etc.
    • Information about the server and its infrastructure
    • Information about the partner of the organization
  3. Nick is a penetration tester in Stanbiz Ltd. As a part of his duty, he was analyzing the network traffic by using various filters in the Wireshark tool. While sniffing the network traffic, he used “tcp.port==1433” Wireshark filter for acquiring a specific database related information since port number 1433 is the default port of that specific target database.Which of the following databases Nick is targeting in his test?

    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
  4. You are enumerating a target system. Which of the following PortQry commands will give a result similar to the screenshot below:

    ECSAv10 Part 04 Q04 004
    ECSAv10 Part 04 Q04 004
    • portqry -n myserver -p udp -e 389
    • portqry -n myserver -p udp -e 123
    • portqry -n myserver -p TCP -e 389
    • portqry -n myserver -p TCP -e 123
  5. Sam is a penetration tester and network admin at McLaren & McLaren, based out of Washington. The company has recently deployed IPv6 in their network. Sam found problems with the protocol implementation and tried to redeploy IPv6 over IPv4. This time, he used the tunneling mechanism while deploying the IPv6 network.

    How does the tunneling mechanism work?

    • It encapsulates IPv6 packets in IPv4 packets
    • It transfers IPv4 first and the IPv6
    • It splits the IPv4 packets and provides a way to IPv6
    • It replaces IPv4 with IPv6
  6. Dale is a network admin working in Zero Faults Inc. Recently the company’s network was compromised and is experiencing very unusual traffic. Dale checks for the problem that compromised the network. He performed a penetration test on the network’s IDS and identified that an attacker sent spoofed packets to a broadcast address in the network.

    Which of the following attacks compromised the network?

    • ARP Spoofing
    • Amplification attack
    • MAC Spoofing
    • Session hijacking
  7. What is the objective of the following bash script?

    ECSAv10 Part 04 Q07 005
    ECSAv10 Part 04 Q07 005
    •  It gives a list of IP addresses that have an FTP port open
    • It tries to connect to FTP port on a target machine
    • It checks if a target host has the FTP port open and quits
    • It checks if an FTP port on a target machine is vulnerable to arracks
  8. ABC Technologies, a large financial company, hired a penetration tester to do physical penetration testing. On the first day of his assignment, the penetration tester goes to the company posing as a repairman and starts checking trash bins to collect the sensitive information.

    What is the penetration tester trying to do?

    • Trying to attempt social Engineering using phishing
    • Trying to attempt social engineering by shoulder surfing
    • Trying to attempt social engineering by eavesdropping
    • Trying to attempt social engineering by dumpster diving
  9. An attacker with a malicious intention decided to hack confidential data from the target organization. For acquiring such information, he started testing IoT devices that are connected to the target network. He started monitoring the network traffic passing between the IoT devices and the network to verify whether credentials are being transmitted in clear text. Further, he also tried to crack the passwords using well-known keywords across all the interfaces.

    Which of the following IoT threats the attacker is trying to exploit?

    • Poor physical security
    • Poor authentication
    • Privacy concerns
    • Insecure firmware
  10. Allen and Greg, after investing in their startup company called Zamtac Ltd., developed a new web application for their company. Before hosting the application, they want to test the robustness and immunity of the developed web application against attacks like buffer overflow, DOS, XSS, and SQL injection.

    What is the type of the web application security test Allen and Greg should perform?

    • Web fuzzing
    • Web crawling
    • Web spidering
    • Web mirroring
  11. George, an ex-employee of Netabb Ltd. with bruised feelings due to his layoff, tries to take revenge against the company. He randomly tried several attacks against the organization. As some of the employees used weak passwords to their user accounts, George was successful in cracking the user accounts of several employees with the help of a common passwords file.

    What type of password cracking attack did George perform?

    • Hybrid attack
    • Dictionary attack
    • Brute forcing attack
    • Birthday attack
  12. James, a research scholar, received an email informing that someone is trying to access his Google account from an unknown device. When he opened his email message, it looked like a standard Google notification instructing him to click the link below to take further steps. This link was redirected to a malicious webpage where he was tricked to provide Google account credentials. James observed that the URL began with giving a legitimate appearance.

    In the above scenario, identify the type of attack being performed on James’ email account?

    • SMiShing
    • Dumpster diving
    • Phishing
    • Vishing
  13. An employee is trying to access the internal website of his company. When he opened a webpage, he received an error message notifying “Proxy Authentication Required.” He approached the IT department in the company and reported the issue. The IT staff explained him that this is an HTTP error indicating that the server is unable to process the request due to lack of appropriate client’s authentication credentials for a proxy server that is processing the requests between the clients and the server.

    Identify the HTTP error code corresponding to the above error message received by the employee?

    • 415
    • 417
    • 407
    • 404
  14. Arrange the WEP cracking process in the correct order:

    I. aireplay-ng -1 0 -e SECRET_SSID -a 1e:64:51:3b:ff:3e -h a7:71:fe:8e:d8:25 eth1

    II. aircrack-ng -s capture.ivs

    III. airmon-ng start eth1

    IV. airodump-ng –ivs –write capture eth1

    V. aireplay-ng -3 -b 1e:64:51:3b:ff:3e -h a7:71:fe:8e:d8:25 eth1

    • IV–>I–>V–>III–>II
    • III–>IV–>V–>II–>I
    • III–>IV–>I–>V–>II
    • IV–>I–>V–>III–>II
  15. Recently, Jacob was assigned a project to test the perimeter security of one of a client. As part of the project, Jacob wants to test whether or not a particular port on the firewall is open or closed. He used the hping utility with the following syntax:

    #hping –S –c 1 –p <port> <IP Address> -t <TTL>

    What response will indicate the particular port is allowed in the firewall?

    • Host Unreachable
    • TTL Exceeded
    • No Response
    • ICMP Port Unreachable
  16. During scanning of a test network, Paul sends TCP probe packets with the ACK flag set to a remote device and then analyzes the header information (TTL and WINDOW field) of the received RST packets to find whether the port is open or closed.
    Analyze the scanning result below and identify the open port.

    ECSAv10 Part 04 Q16 006
    ECSAv10 Part 04 Q16 006
    • Port 22
    • Port 23
    • Port 21
    • Port 20
  17. Rebecca works as a Penetration Tester in a security service firm named Xsecurity. Rebecca placed a sniffer on a subnet residing deep inside the client’s network. She used the Firewalk tool to test the security of the company’s network firewall. After the test, when Rebecca checked the sniffer logs, she was unable to see any traffic produced by the Firewalk tool.

    What is the reason for this?

    • Rebecca does not see any of the Firewalk traffic because it sets all packets with a TTL of one.
    • Network sniffers cannot detect Firewalk so that is why none of the traffic appears.
    • Firewalk cannot pass through firewalls.
    • She cannot see the traffic because Firewalk sets all packets with a TTL of zero.
  18. George, a reputed ethical hacker and penetration testing consultant, was hired by FNB Services, a startup financial services company, to audit the security of their web applications. During his investigation, George discovered that the company’s website is vulnerable to blind SQL injection attacks. George entered a custom SQL query in a form located on the vulnerable page which resulted in a back-end SQL query similar to the one given below: from+users+limit+0,1),1,2))= 97,555,777)

    What is George trying to achieve with this custom SQL query?

    • George is searching for the first character of all the table entries
    • George is searching for the second character of the first table entry
    • George is searching for the first character of the second table entry
    • George is searching for the first character of the first table entry
  19. An organization hosted a website to provide services to its customers. A visitor of this website has reported a complaint to the organization that they are getting an error message with code 502 when they are trying to access the website. This issue was forwarded to the IT department in the organization. The IT department identified the reason behind the error and started resolving the issue by checking whether the server is overloaded, whether the name resolution is working properly, whether the firewall is configured properly, etc.

    Identify the error message corresponding to code 502 that the visitors obtained when they tried to access the organization’s website?

    • Bad request
    • Forbidden
    • Internal error
    • Bad gateway
  20. Which of the following statements highlights the difference between a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test?

    • A vulnerability assessment identifies and ranks the vulnerabilities, and a penetration test exploits the identified vulnerabilities for validation and to determine impact.
    • A vulnerability assessment focuses on low severity vulnerabilities and pen testing focuses on high severity vulnerabilities.
    • A vulnerability assessment requires only automated tools to discover the vulnerabilities whereas pen testing also involves manual discovery of vulnerabilities.
    • A vulnerability assessment is performed only on software components of an information system, whereas pen testing is performed on all hardware and software components of the system.