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ECSAv10 : EC-Council Certified Security Analyst : Part 08

  1. George works at 3D-Networks Ltd as a Network Admin. He received an email from one of his clients stating that the client’s company website has some flaws and they are receiving continuous emails from customers about the inconveniencies. While checking the web servers, he found loopholes with the DNS servers and he installed DNSSEC-Aware lookups. This made the site functional and the client was happy with the outcome.

    What problem does a Non-DNSSEC-Aware site face?

    • The users will get more information than they desired.
    • The user’s commands will be delayed and the information they requested may be not delivered.
    • The site becomes slow and vulnerable
    • A mischievous Internet user can cut off the request and send back incorrect information by spoofing the response.
  2. Which type of penetration testing will require you to send the Internal Control Questionnaires (ICQ) to the client?

    • White-box testing
    • Black-box testing
    • Blind testing
    • Unannounced testing
  3. During a DHCP handshake in an IPv4 network, which of the following messages contains the actual IP addressing information for the clients to use?

    • REPLY
  4. Depp Networks is a leader in providing ethical hacking services. They were tasked to examine the strength of a client network. After using a wide range of tests, they finally zeroed in on ICMP tunneling to bypass the firewall.

    What factor makes ICMP tunneling appropriate to bypass the firewall?

    • Deep packet inspection
    • Firewalls can not inspect ICMP packets
    • Firewalls can not handle the fragmented packets
    • The payload portion is arbitrary and not examined by most firewalls
  5. Gibson, a security analyst at MileTech Solutions, is performing cloud penetration testing. As part of this process, he needs to check for any governance and compliance issues against cloud services.

    Which of the following documents helps Gibson in checking whether the CSP is regularly audited and certified for compliance issues?

    • Service level agreement
    • Data use agreement
    • ROE agreement
    • Nondisclosure agreement
  6. StarMotel is a prominent chain of hotels in the world that uses high-tech solutions to ease the stay of their guests. In those high-tech solutions, they deployed RFID cards using which a guest can get access to the allocated hotel room. Keeping an eye on the RFID technology and with an objective of exploiting it, John, a professional hacker, decided to hack it in order to obtain access to any room in the target hotel. In this process, he first pulled an RFID keycard from the trash of the target hotel and identified the master keycard code in several tries using an RFID card reading and writing tool. Then, he created its clone using a new RFID card that gave him free reign to roam in any hotel room in the building.

    Identify the RFID attack John has performed on the target hotel?

    • RFID spoofing attack
    • Reverse engineering attack
    • RFID replay attack
    • Power analysis attack
  7. An attacker impersonated himself as a pizza delivery boy and is waiting outside the target company. He observed that an employee of the company is gaining security approval to enter the campus. When the employee is opening the entrance door of the company, the attacker requested the employee to hold the door open to enter into the company.

    In the above scenario, identify the technique used by the attacker to enter into the company?

    • Dumpster diving
    • Vishing
    • Tailgating
    • Phishing
  8. A disgruntled employee Robert targeted to acquire business secrets of the organization he is working in and wants to sell the same to a competing organization for some financial gain. He started gathering information about the organization and somehow came to know that the organization is conducting a meeting to discuss future business plans. To collect the information about the organization’s business plans, he had built a listening device housed in his bag and arrived the meeting location wearing a suit and tie. One of the employees of the organization thought he was a senior executive from other branch who came to attend the meeting and readily took him to the meeting room. Robert waited until that employee left the meeting room and planted listening devices at multiple places in the room. Then, he went outside the building and started listening and recorded all the conversations in the meeting.

    Identify the type of attack being performed by Robert on the target organization?

    • Vishing
    • Phishing
    • Shoulder surfing
    • Eavesdropping
  9. A company identified critical vulnerability in its hyperconverged infrastructure that provides services such as computing, networking, and storage resources in a single system. Also, the company identified that this vulnerability may lead to various injection attacks that allow the attackers to execute malicious commands as the root users. The company decided to immediately implement appropriate countermeasure to defend against such attacks.

    Which of the following defensive mechanisms should the company employ?

    • Data correlation
    • Patch management
    • Input validation
    • Session management
  10. Karen was running port scans on each machine of her network in order to identify suspicious ports on the target machines. She observed the following results during the port scan of a particular machine.
    I. Some of the ports were not being acknowledged, i.e. no acknowledgment from the target machine
    II. Some ports were responding with SYN + ACK packets
    III. Some ports were responding with an RST packet

    What should she interpret for the ports that did not return the acknowledgement?

    • She should that those ports as Closed ports
    • She should that those ports as Open ports
    • She should that those ports as Stealth ports
    • She should that those ports as Half Open ports