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Employees are complaining that they send print jobs to a newly installed printer but the print jobs never print. What should the technician do to resolve the issue?

  • The printer is connected to the wrong port. Modify the port.
  • Check the vibration of the crystals.
  • Install a USB hub.
  • Connect the printer using wireless.
  • Reset the page counter.
Explanation & Hint:

To resolve the issue of employees sending print jobs to a newly installed printer but the jobs not printing, the technician should consider the following steps:

  1. Modify the Port Settings: The technician should check if the printer is connected to the correct port on the network. Incorrect port settings can prevent print jobs from reaching the printer. This involves verifying and adjusting the printer’s port settings in the printer properties on the server or on individual computers.
  2. Connect the Printer Using Wireless: If the printer is wireless-capable and the issues persist with a wired connection, trying a wireless connection might help. This involves ensuring the printer is properly connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The other suggestions are less likely to address the specific issue at hand:

  • Check the Vibration of the Crystals: This suggestion is not relevant to printer troubleshooting and does not correspond to any recognized method of resolving printer connectivity or functionality issues.
  • Install a USB Hub: Installing a USB hub is beneficial when additional USB ports are needed, but it’s unlikely to resolve a network printer issue, especially if the problem is related to multiple users.
  • Reset the Page Counter: Resetting the page counter is generally for maintenance or tracking purposes and is not related to solving connectivity or printing issues.

Additionally, the technician should ensure that the printer is online and check for any error messages on the printer itself. They should also verify that the correct drivers are installed and that the printer is set as the default printer if necessary. If the print queue is backed up, clearing it and restarting the printer might also help.

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