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Given the following configuration, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

switch(vlan)# vtp version 2
switch(vlan)# vtp mode server
switch(vlan)# vtp domain Cisco
switch(vlan)# vtp password mypassword
  • This switch can create, modify, and delete all VLANs within the Cisco domain.
  • This switch maintains a full list of all VLANs and can create VLANs, but cannot delete or modify existing VLANs.
  • The password will prevent unauthorized routers from participating in the Cisco domain.
  • This switch can advertise its VLAN configuration to other switches in the Cisco domain only, but can receive advertisements from other domains.
  • This switch can send and receive advertisements from only the Cisco domain.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

A switch in VTP server mode can create, modify, and delete VLANs as well as transmit that information (if the switch has the highest VTP configuration revision number) to other switches in the same VTP domain.

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