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Ch15 Hardware Configuration Exam

  1. HALD is the abbreviation for:

    • Hardware Abstraction Layer Daemon
    • Hardware Abstraction Layer Driver
    • Hardware Availability Layer Daemon
    • Hardware Attribute Layer Daemon
  2. Interrupts cannot be shared between devices. True or False?

    • True
    • False
  3. The _____ command is used to load a module along with its dependencies.

    • modprobe
    • ldmod
    • lsmod
    • insmod
  4. The _____ is a kernel module used by the kernel to manage hardware devices.

    • Configuration file
    • Subsystem
    • Driver
    • Interface
  5. What is the maximum memory that a 64 bit processor can theoretically use?

    • 2 GiB
    • 8 GiB
    • 4 GiB
    • 16 EiB
  6. What is the notification mechanism used to inform programs about a change in state of hardware devices?

    • Programs query HALD directly
    • DBUS forwards queries from programs to HALD
    • DBUS sends notifications to HALD
    • HALD uses dbus to send notifications
  7. Which command is used to view the summary of the RAM and swap space?

    • lsmem
    • free
    • iostat
    • du
  8. Which of the following commands is used to view the details of an external drive connected to a USB port?

    • lspci -u
    • lsusb-u
    • lsmod -u
    • lsusb -v
  9. Which of the following commands is used to view the network interface controller connected on the PCI bus?

    • lsnet
    • lsmod
    • lspci
    • lsusb
  10. Which of the following commands is used to view the summary of CPUs in the system?

    • more /proc/cpuinfo
    • ls -cpu
    • cpustat
    • lscpu
  11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of firmware?

    • Typically stored in ROM
    • Change runlevels
    • Tests the components upon startup
    • Change settings to affect the use of external devices
  12. Which of the following is not a function of the udev subsystem?

    • Maintain log files
    • Create device node when a new device is connected
    • Maintain psuedo filesystem in the /dev directory
    • Remove device node when a device is removed
  13. Which of the following is not a mass storage device?

    • FireWire
    • Thunderbird
    • USB
    • SATA drive
  14. Which of the following is not true about kernel modules?

    • They are plug and play hardware devices
    • They can be compiled into the kernel itself
    • They are loaded automatically by the kernel
    • They are software to support devices
  15. Which of the following can be used to view details about USB devices? (choose two)

    • lsmod
    • lsusb
    • usbprobe
    • usb-devices
    • ls -usb
  16. Integrated peripherals are embedded into the _______ of a system:

    • RAM
    • Motherboard
    • CPU
    • Bootloader
  17. Which of the following are attributes of the sysfs subsystem: (choose three)

    • Is an in-memory filesystem
    • Defines rules and permissions
    • Is mounted as the /sys directory
    • Provides information about the kernel