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Match QoS techniques with the description. (Not all options are used.)

CCNPv8 ENCOR (Version 8.0) - Chapters 13 - 14 Multicast and QoS Exam Answers 003
CCNPv8 ENCOR (Version 8.0) – Chapters 13 – 14 Multicast and QoS Exam Answers 003
Explanation & Hint:

Based on the image you’ve provided, which contains descriptions of various Quality of Service (QoS) techniques, the correct matches for each technique are as follows:

  1. Traffic Shaping: Excess traffic is retained in a queue and scheduled for later transmission over increments of time.
  2. Traffic Policing: Excess traffic is dropped when the traffic rate reaches a preconfigured maximum.
  3. Classification: This determines the class of traffic to which frames belong.
  4. Marking: A value is added to a packet header.

The final description provided, “TCP traffic is throttled to prevent tail drop,” is typically associated with TCP traffic management mechanisms, such as TCP rate control or congestion avoidance techniques, rather than a specific QoS technique. However, if it were related to a QoS technique, it might be describing a behavior similar to traffic shaping or a congestion management technique that ensures fair queuing among TCP flows.

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