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Match the drive status indicators in the Disk Management utility with their description. (Not all options are used.)

ITE v8.0 – IT Essentials ( Version 8.0) – IT Essentials 8 Final Exam 1 – 14 Answers 006
ITE v8.0 – IT Essentials ( Version 8.0) – IT Essentials 8 Final Exam 1 – 14 Answers 006
Explanation & Hint:

  1. Healthy: Indicates a volume that is functioning properly with no underlying issues.
  2. Initializing: The process of preparing a new disk to be used, which often includes creating a new volume and formatting it. This status should not last long; once the disk is initialized, it moves to another status.
  3. Missing: A disk that is expected to be present but cannot be detected by the system. This can happen if a disk is removed or if it fails and is no longer communicating with the system.
  4. Not Initialized: Indicates a disk that has not yet been prepared for use by the operating system. A disk must be initialized before it can be formatted and used to store data.
  5. Offline: A disk that is not accessible by the operating system. Disks can be manually set to offline status or could be offline due to a problem like a missing signature.
  6. Online: A basic or dynamic disk that is accessible and functioning properly. An online disk is ready for use and shows no problems.

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