Match the queuing algorithm with its description. (Not all options apply.)

CCNPv8 ENCOR (Version 8.0) - Chapters 13 - 14 Multicast and QoS Exam Answers 002
CCNPv8 ENCOR (Version 8.0) – Chapters 13 – 14 Multicast and QoS Exam Answers 002
Explanation & Hint:

The image appears to be a matching exercise for different queuing algorithms and their descriptions. I will provide you with the correct matches based on the descriptions provided in the image:

  1. WFQ (Weighted Fair Queuing): This algorithm automatically divides the interface bandwidth by the number of flows (weighted by IP precedence) to allocate bandwidth fairly among all flows.
  2. CBWFQ (Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing): This enables the creation of 256 queues, serving up to 256 traffic classes. Each queue is based on the bandwidth assigned to that class.
  3. LLQ (Low Latency Queuing): This can serve up to 256 classes of traffic and is combined with priority queuing to meet the requirements of real-time traffic.
  4. PQ (Priority Queuing): This algorithm uses a set of 4 queues (high, medium, normal, and low) and are served in strict priority order.
  5. CQ (Custom Queuing): This algorithm services all queues in sequence with only one packet being serviced in each queue at any given time.
  6. Round Robin: Not described in the provided options, but Round Robin is a method where each queue is served equally in a rotating order.

Please use the provided descriptions to match with the queuing algorithms in the exercise you are working on.

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