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Match the term to the web link http://www.buycarsfromus.com/2020models/ford/suv.html#Escape component. (Not all options are used.)

CCNA3 v7 - ENSA Final Exam Answers 002
CCNA3 v7 – ENSA Final Exam Answers 002
Explanation & Hint:

  1. Fragment: The fragment in this URL is #Escape. It refers to a specific section within the webpage suv.html. When this URL is accessed, the browser will attempt to locate and display the portion of the page marked with an ID of “Escape.”
  2. Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): The entire string http://www.buycarsfromus.com/2020models/ford/suv.html#Escape is the URI. It uniquely identifies a resource on the internet – in this case, a particular section on a webpage dedicated to the “Escape” model of a Ford SUV.
  3. Protocol: The protocol specified in this URL is http. It defines the method used for data transfer between the web server and the client. “http” indicates that the Hypertext Transfer Protocol is used here.
  4. Uniform Resource Name (URN): It would be www.buycarsfromus.com/2020models/ford/suv.html. A URN is intended to serve as a persistent, location-independent resource identifier, and while a URL does provide a location, in the absence of a protocol and other access-specifying components, the remaining part serves as a unique name for the resource on the web. So, in this case, the combination of the domain and the path to the resource could be seen as a name that uniquely identifies the resource, even though it is not a URN in the strictest sense as defined by the URI standard.In the strictest sense, URNs are not typically used on the web like URLs are. They are part of the larger URI family and are used for resources that need persistent, location-independent identifiers, such as ISBNs for books or DOIs for academic papers. A URL, on the other hand, not only identifies a resource but also provides the means to locate it on the web.
  5. Page Information: While not a standardized term, if we were to infer its meaning, the page information in this URL would be /2020models/ford/suv.html, which provides the path to the specific page about the Ford SUV models, including the file suv.html which is likely an HTML document.
  6. Uniform Resource Locator (URL): The URL here is http://www.buycarsfromus.com/2020models/ford/suv.html. This URL includes the protocol (http), the domain name (www.buycarsfromus.com), and the path to a specific page (/2020models/ford/suv.html) on that domain. It locates the web page where information about the Ford SUV models can be found. The fragment #Escape is not typically considered part of the URL; instead, it is a secondary component that provides additional navigation within the page.

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