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Match the wireless security settings to the description. (Not all options are used.)

ITE v8.0 – IT Essentials ( Version 8.0) – IT Essentials 8 Final Exam 1 – 14 Answers 007
ITE v8.0 – IT Essentials ( Version 8.0) – IT Essentials 8 Final Exam 1 – 14 Answers 007
Explanation & Hint:

  1. Open: An open network does not encrypt data and does not require authentication to connect. This is the least secure option as it allows anyone to connect and intercept the data transmitted over the network.
  2. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy): This is an outdated security protocol that was designed to provide a wireless network with a level of security and privacy comparable to what is usually expected of a wired network. However, it is no longer considered secure due to vulnerabilities in how it encrypts data.
  3. WPA2-Personal (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 – Personal): This security protocol uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and pre-shared keys (PSKs) to encrypt communications. It is designed for home and small office networks and requires a passphrase for network access.
  4. WPA2-Enterprise: This is similar to WPA2-Personal but is designed for enterprise networks. It uses a RADIUS server for centralized authentication, which provides additional security by managing user credentials and policies.

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