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98-349 : Windows Operating System Fundamentals : Part 01

  1. PowerShell is used to:

    • Monitor user keystrokes.
    • Repair damaged hard disk drive sectors.
    • Automate a routine task.
    • Extend the life of the battery.
  2. Windows Aero is a:

    • Pointing device
    • Device driver
    • Desktop theme
    • Windows application
  3. Which describes the purpose of Power Saver mode for a portable computer?

    • To lock the computer when it is idle
    • To prevent unauthorized programs from consuming resources
    • To protect the display from burned-in images
    • To shut down idle devices to conserve battery charge
  4. You want to change your default home page in Internet Explorer. In which location should you modify settings?

    • Trusted Sites
    • View
    • Internet Options
    • Favorites
  5. Every time you insert a music CD, you receive a dialog box that asks which action you want Windows to perform.

    Which should you configure so that your personal computer automatically identifies an audio CD and starts playing music?

    • The Autoplay settings
    • The Ease of Access settings
    • A desktop gadget
    • The Personalization settings
  6. You need to modify the time displayed in the system tray. Which Control Panel feature should you use?

    • Appearance and Personalization
    • Display Properties
    • Administrative Tools
    • Clock, Language, and Region
  7. You insert a software installation DVD into your Windows 10 computer. The DVD does not launch automatically.

    You need to perform a manual installation.

    What should you do?

    • From Control Panel, use Programs.
    • From Control Panel, use Ease of Access.
    • Browse the contents of the hard disk drive and locate the Program Files folder.
    • Browse the contents of the DVD and locate the Setup file.
  8. A Windows service is a:

    • Program or process that runs in the background and does not require user intervention.
    • Hardware driver that provides support to a specific device.
    • Program or process that runs in the foreground.
    • Hardware driver that provides support to the operating system.
  9. Which Windows feature should you use to protect a computer against spyware?

    • Group Policy
    • User Account Control
    • Windows Defender
    • Encrypting File System
  10. Which feature allows you to create a new virtual application?

    • Application Virtualization Sequencer
    • Windows Installer
    • Remote Desktop Connection
    • Windows Virtual PC
  11. Which action will trigger a user account control (UAC) prompt in Windows?

    • Accessing the Internet
    • Changing the time zone
    • Installing a new program
    • Restarting Windows
    • Changing settings in the Display Properties dialog box
  12. Where will you find information about removing computer viruses?

    • Help and Support
    • System Restore
    • Disk Cleanup
    • System Information
  13. A Windows 7 library:

    • Organizes user files from disparate locations.
    • Makes copies of user files in a central location.
    • Encrypts files by using the Encrypting File System (EFS).
    • Restores files from system backup.
  14. You need to upgrade your computer from the FAT file system to an NTFS file system.

    What should you do?

    • Use the Backup and Restore tool.
    • Clear the hard disk drive by using the Format tool.
    • Use the Convert C:/fs:ntfs command.
    • Run the Windows Easy Transfer tool.
  15. The Encrypting File System (EFS) is a:

    • Digital document that verifies the identity of a user.
    • Specially made hard disk drive that requires a password.
    • Sequence of characters used to encrypt and decrypt information stored in a folder.
    • Feature that enables files to be stored in a secure format.
  16. You need to configure a folder that allows everyone in your department to view and edit the files in the folder. You also need to ensure that users outside the department cannot access the files.

    What should you do?

    • Grant access to a single user by using the Share With menu.
    • Grant read access to specific people by using the Share With menu.
    • Place the files in one of the Windows public folders.
    • Grant read/write access to specific people by using the Share With menu.
  17. You need to configure a folder that allows everyone in your group to view and modify files. Which item in the Share With menu should you use?

    • Specific People
    • Nobody
    • Homegroup (Read/Write)
    • Homegroup (Read)
  18. Windows hides some files by default to:

    • Avoid accidental modification or deletion of system files.
    • Protect the confidentiality of the contents of files.
    • Improve access to system files.
    • Save disk space.
  19. You need a script to run at a specific time. Which Windows component should you use?

    • Task Manager
    • Device Manager
    • Task Scheduler
    • Event Viewer
  20. You need to find out whether your computer has received the most recent critical Windows updates. What should you do?

    • From the Computer Management console, view Services and Applications.
    • From Windows Update, select View Update History.
    • From Administration Tools, view Event Logs.
    • From Control Panel, use Programs.