PgMP : Program Management Professional : Part 11

  1. You are a program manager of a program. You are required to compile performance data of your program. These data will be sent to relevant stakeholders. You are reviewing the status reports of all projects including the costs, schedule, scope, risks, and other performance data.

    In which of the following processes are you working on?

    • Plan Communication
    • Distribute Information
    • Report Program Performance
    • Monitor and Control Program Performance
  2. You are the program manager for your organization and are working with your team to identify stakeholders in the program. Where should the identified stakeholders and their information be recorded?

    • Stakeholder matrix
    • Communications management plan
    • Requirements traceability matrix
    • Stakeholder registry
  3. Your program is to construct a new condo building in Chicago. You and the project managers are working together to define the project assumptions about the program. Which one of the following is an example of an assumption for this program?

    • Deadlines for project milestones
    • Building codes
    • A predetermined program budget
    • Weather
  4. Identify the term described in the statement given below? “The use of it should be reviewed along with an assessment of their effectiveness. This will aid the program management in determining if risks to the program are being effectively managed. It also provides feedback to the program management on any projects that need to be recovered or terminated.”

    • Budget
    • Planned Value
    • Contingency Reserve
    • Earned Value
  5. You work as a program manager for a large construction program. Your program includes constructing hotels across the country. You collect information on the status of the program. During comparison with the original plan you find the 200 hotels have been completed as against 275 hotels planned as of today. In which program process are you working on?

    • Monitor and Control Program Scope
    • Monitor and Control Project Performance
    • Monitor and Control Program Schedule
    • Manage Program Issues
  6. Martha is the program manager for her organization. One of the projects of a program is done but is also considerably over budget. Kay, the project manager, has elected to crash the project in order to recoup schedule delays but this increased the project costs. What should Martha instruct Kay to do with the information regarding the schedule delays and cost overruns?

    • Create an entry in the lessons learned documentation and explain her reasoning behind the corrective actions.
    • File the information as part of the project final report.
    • Create a variance report.
    • Create an exceptions report.
  7. Which of the following tools and techniques are parts of the Administer Program Procurements process? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

    • Inspection and audits
    • Budget management system
    • Supplier performance review
    • Contract performance review
  8. You are a program manager for a large construction program. You need to ensure that the projects in the program are in accordance with the schedule. You are tracking start and finish dates for them. Which of the following processes are you on?

    • Report Program Performance
    • Monitor and Control Program Scope
    • Monitor and Control Program Schedule
    • Monitor and Control Program Performance
  9. You are working with Sam, a project manager on one of the projects within your program. Sam doesn’t understand all of the rules and procedures that he’s required to do as a project manager in your program. What are the rules and procedures called in project that Sam must abide by?

    • Project governance
    • Process procedures
    • Enterprise environmental factors
    • Program governance
  10. Which of the following is described in the statement given below?

    “It serves as the primary input for the Plan Program Stakeholder Management process, as well as for the distribution of program reports and other communication.”

    • Stakeholder register
    • Program scope statement
    • Governance plan
    • Organizational chart
  11. Which of the following statements are true regarding program scope statement? (Choose three.)

    • It defines all the work and only the required work for the program.
    • It formally authorizes the program.
    • It sets authorities and limits for the program manager and team.
    • It represents a common understanding of the program for the purpose of facilitating communication among the stakeholders.
  12. You are the program manager for the HGQ Program in your organization. Your program has eight constituent projects including a small project which you’ve assigned to Beth a new project manager in your organization. Part of your assignment is to coach Beth on project management in your program. You are telling Beth about the five process groups of project management and how they map to the progression of the project. Which process group would you tell Beth is where she’ll likely spend the bulk of the project time and the project budget?

    • Monitoring and Controlling
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Procurement
  13. A project manager in your program is using progress elaboration as part of their planning approach. This approach is also known as what planning methodology?

    • Waterfall management
    • Rolling wave planning
    • Scope refinements
    • Incremental planning
  14. Who makes Go/No-Go decisions during phase gate reviews?

    • Program Governance board
    • Program Manager
    • Board of Project Managers
    • Stakeholders
  15. Which of the following tools/techniques keep program managers and executives informed of the program’s progress?

    • Component analysis
    • Expert judgment
    • Review meetings
    • Capacity planning
  16. You are the program manager for your organization. Management has assigned you to a new program that has been chartered. Your team is in the process of the Manage Program Issues process. One of the two outputs of this process is change requests. Which one of the following is the other one?

    • Audit reports
    • Program management plan
    • Program performance reports
    • Program issues register updates
  17. You are a program manager for an environmental program. The program involves installation of windmill across the country. During execution of the project, a stakeholder raises a change request to add an additional module with the existing installation. The program governance board has approved the change request. Which of the following is true regarding this scenario?

    • The new Program Master Schedule is created containing the approved changes.
    • Separate project is made to ensure that the approved changes are included in the program.
    • Project charter is upgraded to include the approved changes in the program.
    • The Program Master Schedule is updated to reflect the changes.
  18. Which one of the following is not considered one of the three components of the Iron Triangle?

    • Time
    • Cost
    • Scope
    • Quality
  19. Which of the following documents contain a list of all problems, unfavorable events, or situations that occurred so far in the program?

    • Program charter
    • Program risk register
    • Program issue register
    • Program scope statement
  20. All of the following are benefits of a program except for which one?

    • Projects can operate independently of one another.
    • Resource management in a program allows resources to be shared across all projects in the program.
    • The program manager can use the same approach in stakeholder management for all projects in the program.
    • All projects follow the policies of the program and organization.