PgMP : Program Management Professional : Part 12

  1. Paul is the program manager for his company. He along with his team is working on the Monitor and Control Program Changes process. The process will need several inputs. Which one of the following items is NOT an input to the Monitor and Control Program Changes process in the program management?

    • Change request log
    • Approved change requests
    • Change requests
    • Program management plan
  2. Which of the following statements are true regarding program scope changes? (Choose three.)

    • Scope changes may originate from the stake holders.
    • Change requests for a particular project have to be approved by the project manager irrespective of their potential impact on multiple projects.
    • The program has a change control board that analyzes changes at the program level.
    • The change control process on a program is often hierarchical.
  3. You are the program manager for your organization. Your current program has fourteen projects and one project manager in your program is about to close her project. She will need all of the following inputs to the close project process except for which one?

    • Project management plan
    • Organizational process assets
    • Project deliverables
    • Quality control measurements
  4. What is another term that can be assigned to the pre-program analysis and research to determine if a program should be initiated?

    • Program scope statement definition
    • Feasibility study creation
    • Business case creation
    • Program charter creation
  5. You are the program manager for your organization and are about to execute your procurement management plan. You need to procure materials for your program and you want only the vendor to provide you with a price for the goods you need to procure. What type of a document should you provide to the vendor in this scenario?

    • Statement of work
    • Request for quote
    • Proposal
    • Program charter
  6. Don is the project manager of the NQP Project for his organization. This project is scheduled to last for 18 months and will have several elements of the project that have government regulations. Management is concerned with the regulations and would like Don to report on the activities that will be affected by the regulations. What document should Don reference for information on the activities and the regulations?

    • Risk management plan
    • Risk register
    • Activity list
    • Activity list and attributes
  7. Complete the following phrase about quality management:

    Quality is ____ into a program, not ____ into a program.

    • Built, inspected
    • Planned, inspected
    • Planned, controlled
    • Executed, controlled
  8. You are the program manager for a new software development program. One of the developers has been adding extra fields for information in the software that was not part of the original program scope. While the fields are a good idea, the customer did not ask for the information and some time has been wasted on this work that was not in the program scope. This is an example of which one of the following terms?

    • Preventive action
    • Corrective action
    • Gold plating
    • Program scope change
  9. You are the program manager for your organization. Your current program has a budget at completion of $3,450,000 and is expected to last two years. The program is currently 30 percent complete and has spent ten percent more than what it should have to arrive at this point in the program schedule. Based on this information, what is estimate at completion (EAC) for this program?

    • $2,656,500
    • There is not enough information to know.
    • $3,795,000
    • $1,035,000
  10. June is the program manager for her organization. Management has asked June to create a visual mapping of the program scope so that all of the key stakeholders can see all of the elements of the program scope. June needs to create what kind of document to show all of the program deliverables based on the program scope?

    • Program network diagram
    • Program benefits mapping chart
    • Program budget
    • Program work breakdown structure
  11. A program has a BAC of $550,000 and is currently 45 percent complete though was actually scheduled to be 55 percent complete by this time. The program has spent, however, $265,000 to date. Based on this information what is the cost performance index (CPI) for this program?

    • .93
    • .82
    • $323,889
    • -$38,889
  12. What document should you provide to the vendors if you’re only interested for a set fee for their materials?

    • IFB
    • RFP
    • RFI
    • SOW
  13. Which earned value management formula can help you determine how likely it is that you’ll complete the program based on the amount of cash left in the program budget?

    • Estimate at completion
    • Variance at completion
    • To-complete performance index
    • Estimate to complete
  14. You are the program manager for your organization and you are dealing with your program stakeholders. You are explaining to them, along with your program team, how certain activities in the program may cause delays in the schedule if the associated risk events come into play. The cost of impact of the risk events are minimal, but the schedule impacts could be bigger. The stakeholders are concerned about delaying the schedule beyond a given due date for the program. They would like you to determine if it is possible to add more labor, use a higher grade of material, or hire some consultants to ensure the risks do not occur in the program. They are not much concerned about the cost of the solution as long as the solution or identified risks do not delay the program completion. What type of risk response are your program stakeholders recommending in this situation?

    • Avoidance
    • Mitigation
    • Transference
    • Workaround
  15. Communication is large percentage of program execution as the program manager must communicate with the appropriate stakeholders. In larger programs face-to-face communication is not always possible. When emails are used what verbal aspect of communication is lost?

    • Barriers
    • Noise
    • Nonverbal
    • Paralingual
  16. If a risk has a probability of 60 percent and an impact of -$57,000 what will the expected monetary value of the risk event be?

    • -$34,200
    • -$57,000
    • -9,500
    • You will need to know the utility function of the organization to determine this.
  17. Tom is program manager for his organization. His program is scheduled to last ten months and has a cost estimate for the program of $550,000. It is now month nine and Tom reports that he actually has a cost variance of a positive $56,000. While Tom is pleased, the new management is not. Why is a positive cost variance not necessarily good news?

    • A poor cost estimate prevented the organization from adding things to the program scope.
    • Tom has overestimated the cost of the program.
    • A poor cost estimate could affect the organization’s decisions to invest the funds elsewhere .
    • Tom has forgot to include deliverables in the program.
  18. You are the program manager of the NHQ Program for your organization. Your program is nearing the completion of one of its major phases and there are several resources that should be released at this time. What program management plan will guide you to release of the program resources and transfer the resources and benefits to operations within the organization?

    • Resource management plan
    • Transition plan
    • Communications management plan
    • Benefits management plan
  19. You are the project manager for the GGG Project and are about to close the project kick off meeting. All of the project team members and the key stakeholders are in attendance. What final item should you talk about before closing the meeting?

    • Discuss the importance of the project scope.
    • Thank everyone for attending.
    • Discuss the action items and the importance of the items being completed as planned.
    • Remind everyone that you’re the project manager if they have QUESTION NOs.
  20. You have completed a project for a client at his facility. The project has lasted for 18 months and you have generated many reports, plans, change request forms, and other documents about the project work. What should you do with the project documentation?

    • Give it to the client for his information.
    • Destroy it, as this information is relevant to the client.
    • Archive it as part of your organization’s process assets.
    • Leave it as is for the client to destroy or archive.