Refer to the exhibit. The attacking system has a listener (port open), and the victim initiates a connection back to the attacking system. Which two resources can create this type of malicious activity? (Choose two.)

Ethical Hacker Course Final Exam Answers 04
Ethical Hacker Course Final Exam Answers 04
  • Empire
  • Steghide
  • Sysinternals
  • BloodHound
  • Netcat
Explanation & Hints:

The malicious activity described in the scenario is a reverse shell. Many tools allow the creation of reverse shells from a compromised host. Some of the most popular ones are the Meterpreter module in Metasploit and Netcat. Empire is an open-source framework with PowerShell Windows and Python Linux agents that allows rapid deployment of post-exploitation modules, including keyloggers, bind shells, reverse shells, Mimikatz, and adaptable communication to evade detection.

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