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Refer to the exhibit. What can be determined from this output?

CCNA3 v7 – ENSA – Modules 3 – 5 Network Security Exam Answers 03
CCNA3 v7 – ENSA – Modules 3 – 5 Network Security Exam Answers 03
  • The ACL is missing the deny ip any any ACE.
  • Because there are no matches for line 10, the ACL is not working.
  • The ACL is only monitoring traffic destined for from three specific hosts.
  • The router has not had any Telnet packets from that are destined for
Answers Explanation & Hints:

ACL entry 10 in MyACL matches any Telnet packets between host and No matches have occurred on this ACE as evidenced by the lack of a “(xxx matches)” ACE. The deny ip any any ACE is not required because there is an implicit deny ACE added to every access control list. When no matches exist for an ACL, it only means that no traffic has matched the conditions that exist for that particular line. The ACL is monitoring traffic that matches three specific hosts going to very specific destination devices. All other traffic is not permitted by the implicit deny ip any any ACE.

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