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The team ………. that the feedback results will show more demand for UX improvements.

  • knows
  • has known
  • is known
Explanation & Hint:

In the sentence provided, the verb “knows” is the most appropriate choice to fill in the blank. Here’s why:

  1. “Knows” is in the present tense, which is suitable for describing something that is currently true or ongoing. In this case, the team currently possesses knowledge or awareness regarding the expected feedback results.
  2. “Has known” is in the present perfect tense, which typically refers to actions or events that started in the past and continue into the present. However, in this context, it doesn’t make sense to use the present perfect tense because the sentence is discussing the team’s current knowledge or expectation about future feedback results.
  3. “Is known” is in the passive voice, which means that the subject receives the action rather than performing it. However, in this sentence, the team is the one possessing the knowledge, so the active voice (“knows”) is more appropriate.

Therefore, the most suitable option to complete the sentence is “The team knows that the feedback results will show more demand for UX improvements.” This indicates that the team is currently aware or certain about the anticipated outcome of the feedback.

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