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Using the debugger, we insert a breakpoint in the code at which, after running the program, we stop. In the debugger, we find a Step button among the step-by-step operation options. What does pressing it do?

  • The program will be executed to the end, regardless of whether there are more breakpoints in the rest of the code or not.
  • The program will execute to the end or to the next breakpoint.
  • The program will be restarted from the first instruction.
  • Exactly one instruction immediately after the breakpoint will be executed and the program will be paused again.
Explanation & Hint:

Pressing the “Step” button in the debugger allows you to execute the program code one step at a time, progressing through the code line by line. The “Step” operation is useful for debugging and understanding how the code is executing, especially in complex scenarios or when you want to trace the program’s flow.

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