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What are three ways that media access control is used in networking? (Choose three.)

  • Ethernet utilizes CSMA/CD.
  • Media access control provides placement of data frames onto the media.
  • Contention-based access is also known as deterministic.
  • 802.11 utilizes CSMA/CD.
  • Data link layer protocols define the rules for access to different media.
  • Networks with controlled access have reduced performance due to data collisions.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

Wired Ethernet networks use CSMA/CD for media access control. IEEE 802.11 wireless networks use CSMA/CA, a similar method. Media access control defines the way data frames get placed on the media. The controlled access method is deterministic, not a contention-based access to networks. Because each device has its own time to use the medium, controlled access networks such as legacy Token Ring do not have collisions.

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