What are two benefits of using a layered network model? (Choose two.)

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What are two benefits of using a layered network model? (Choose two.)

  • It assists in protocol design.
  • It speeds up packet delivery.
  • It prevents designers from creating their own model.
  • It prevents technology in one layer from affecting other layers.
  • It ensures a device at one layer can function at the next higher layer.

    Some vendors have developed their own reference models and protocols. Today, if a device is to communicate on the Internet, the device must use the TCP/IP model. The benefits of using a layered model are as follows:

    • assists in protocol design
    • fosters competition between vendors
    • prevents a technology that functions at one layer from affecting any other layer
    • provides a common language for describing network functionality
    • helps in visualizing the interaction between each layer and protocols between each layer

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