What are two characteristics of fiber optic cable? (Choose two.)


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What are two characteristics of fiber optic cable? (Choose two.)

  • Conducts electricity
  • Requires metal conduit
  • Supports splicing
  • Requires a polish for end connectors

C: A mechanical splice is a junction of two or more optical fibers that are aligned and held in place by a self-contained assembly (usually the size of a large carpenter’s nail).[1] The fibers are not permanently joined, just precisely held together so that light can pass from one to another.

D: Modern connectors typically use a “physical contact” polish on the fiber and ferrule end. This is a slightly convex surface with the apex of the curve accurately centered on the fiber, so that when the connectors are mated the fiber cores come into direct contact with one another.

Note: Optical fiber connectors are used to join optical fibers where a connect/disconnect capability is required. Due to the polishing and tuning procedures that may be incorporated into optical connector manufacturing, connectors are generally assembled onto optical fiber in a supplier’s manufacturing facility.

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