What are two common log retrieval methods? (Choose two.)


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What are two common log retrieval methods? (Choose two.)

  • static
  • push
  • pull
  • dynamic
Explanation & Hint:

Two common log retrieval methods are:

  1. Push: In this method, log sources proactively send (or “push”) their log data to a central log management system or server. The log sources are configured to automatically forward all generated logs to a specified destination without waiting for an external request. This is a common setup in many logging architectures where real-time or near-real-time log analysis is required.
  2. Pull: In contrast to the push method, the pull method involves the log management system actively retrieving (or “pulling”) logs from the log sources. In this scenario, the central system periodically connects to the log sources to collect the generated log data. This method is often used in environments where real-time logging is not as critical, or where the log sources cannot directly push logs due to policy or technical constraints.

“Static” and “dynamic” are not typically used to describe log retrieval methods. These terms might be used in other contexts within computing and data management, but not specifically for log retrieval.

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