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What is a function of the data link layer?

  • provides delivery of data between two applications
  • provides for the exchange of frames over a common local media
  • provides end-to-end delivery of data between hosts
  • provides the formatting of data
Explanation & Hint:

The function of the data link layer (Layer 2) in the OSI model is provides for the exchange of frames over a common local media.

The data link layer is responsible for node-to-node delivery of data. It handles the communication between adjacent network nodes within the same network segment or local area network. It also manages how data packets are placed onto the physical media and received from it, error detection and handling (via the Frame Check Sequence), and sometimes error correction. Additionally, the data link layer defines the protocol to establish and terminate a connection between two physically connected devices, as well as the protocol for controlling the flow of data between them.

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