What is an advantage of HIPS that is not provided by IDS?


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What is an advantage of HIPS that is not provided by IDS?

  • HIPS provides quick analysis of events through detailed logging.
  • HIPS deploys sensors at network entry points and protects critical network segments.
  • HIPS monitors network processes and protects critical files.
  • HIPS protects critical system resources and monitors operating system processes.
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    Network-based IDS (NIDS) sensors are typically deployed in offline mode. They do not protect individual hosts. Host-based IPS (HIPS) is software installed on a single host to monitor and analyze suspicious activity. It can monitor and protect operating system and critical system processes that are specific to that host. HIPS can be thought of as a combination of antivirus software, antimalware software, and a firewall.

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