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What is the administrative distance of an external EIGRP route?

  • 170
  • 200
  • 115
  • 110
Explanation & Hints:

The administrative distance of an external EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) route is:

  • 170


Administrative distance is a numerical value that routers use to rank the trustworthiness of routes received from different routing sources. A lower administrative distance is considered more reliable.

External EIGRP routes are those imported into EIGRP from other routing domains or protocols. The administrative distance for external EIGRP routes is set to 170, indicating a lower level of trust compared to internal EIGRP routes, which have an administrative distance of 90. This differentiation allows routers to prefer internal routes over external ones, underlining the principle that routes within the same routing protocol domain are generally considered more reliable than routes learned from outside. This setting helps ensure that the routing decisions made by EIGRP prioritize internal network paths over those learned from external sources, unless explicitly configured otherwise.

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