What is the purpose of having a “known-good” profile?


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What is the purpose of having a “known-good” profile?

  • configure and test NMS tools
  • audit remote log locations
  • define set of rules that an IDS and an IPS uses to detect typical intrusive activity
  • help the security analyst flag anomalies
Explanation & Hint:

The purpose of having a “known-good” profile is to “help the security analyst flag anomalies.”

A “known-good” profile essentially represents a baseline of normal, expected behavior and configurations within a system, network, or application. By understanding what is normal, security analysts can more easily identify deviations from this baseline, which may indicate security incidents, anomalies, or malicious activities. Having a known-good profile is crucial for effective monitoring and quick response to potential threats, as it allows for a more accurate differentiation between benign and potentially harmful activities.

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