What is the reason for disabling SSID broadcasting and changing the default SSID on a wireless access point?

  • Anyone with the default SSID can gain access to the access point and change the configuration.
  • Disabling SSID broadcasting frees up radio frequency bandwidth and increases the data throughput of the access point.
  • The access point stops broadcasting its own MAC address, thus preventing unauthorized wireless clients from connecting to the network.
  • Wireless clients must then have the SSID manually configured to connect to the wireless network.
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    The SSID is the name of the wireless network. Changing the default SSID forces device users to manually enter the SSID in order to gain access to the network. Broadcasting the SSID does not allow other devices to access the configuration, or to discover the MAC address of the device. SSID broadcasts do not affect radio frequency bandwidth.

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