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What two are examples of UDP-based attacks? (Choose two.)

  • SYN flood
  • SQL slammer
  • UDP flooding
  • MAC address flooding
Explanation & Hint:

Two examples of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) based attacks are:

  1. SQL Slammer
    • SQL Slammer is a famous worm that caused a widespread denial of service on the internet in January 2003. It spread rapidly by generating random IP addresses and sending itself to those addresses using the UDP protocol on port 1434 (the default port for Microsoft SQL Server).
  2. UDP Flooding
    • UDP flooding is a type of denial of service attack where the attacker overwhelms random ports on the targeted host with IP packets containing UDP datagrams. The host checks for the application listening at that port; when it finds none, it will respond with a ‘destination unreachable’ packet. This process can saturate the network and the resources of the host, leading to denial of service.

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