What two types of attacks are examples of ICMP DoS attacks? (Choose two.)


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What two types of attacks are examples of ICMP DoS attacks? (Choose two.)

  • smurf attack
  • blooming onion attack
  • ping of death attack
  • DHCP depletion attack
Explanation & Hint:

Two types of attacks that are examples of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) DoS (Denial of Service) attacks are:

  1. Smurf Attack
    • In a Smurf attack, an attacker sends a large number of ICMP echo request (ping) packets with a spoofed source IP address (which is the intended victim’s address) to a network’s broadcast address. All the devices on the network respond to this broadcast, thereby flooding the victim with traffic.
  2. Ping of Death Attack
    • A Ping of Death attack involves sending malicious pings to a system. Historically, this attack involved sending an ICMP echo request packet that exceeds the maximum allowed size, causing overflow errors in the target’s TCP/IP stack, leading to a crash or reboot.

The other options listed are not ICMP-based attacks:

  • Blooming Onion Attack: This is not a recognized or standard term for an ICMP-based attack or any known network attack.
  • DHCP Depletion Attack: This is an attack on the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) service where an attacker sends numerous DHCP requests with spoofed MAC addresses to exhaust the address space available from the DHCP server, preventing legitimate clients from obtaining an IP address. This is not related to ICMP.

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