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What type of traffic is described as having a high volume of data per packet?

  • video
  • data
  • voice
Explanation & Hint:

Video traffic is described as having a high volume of data per packet.

  • Video: Streaming video generally involves large amounts of data due to the complexity and quality of the content. High-definition and 4K videos, in particular, require a significant amount of data to maintain quality, resulting in larger packet sizes compared to other types of traffic.
  • Data: The size of data packets can vary greatly depending on the type of application. For instance, file transfers might involve large packets, but typical web browsing or email may not. However, on average, data packets are usually not as consistently large as video packets.
  • Voice: Voice traffic typically consists of relatively small packets. Voice encoding is designed to be bandwidth-efficient, transmitting enough data to convey speech clearly but without the large file sizes associated with video.

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