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What type of traffic is described as requiring latency to be no more than 400 milliseconds (ms)?

  • video
  • data
  • voice
Explanation & Hint:

The answer is Video, it implies that the traffic type described as requiring latency to be no more than 400 milliseconds (ms) is video traffic. This can be contextualized as follows:

  • Video: In certain types of video communication, particularly interactive or real-time video like video conferencing, keeping latency below 400 ms is important for maintaining a smooth and coherent experience. Delays beyond this threshold can disrupt the natural flow of conversation and lead to a disjointed and frustrating experience. For non-interactive video streaming, higher latencies can be tolerated due to buffering, but for real-time interactions, lower latency is crucial.
  • Voice: Generally, voice traffic is more sensitive to latency than video. For voice calls and VoIP, the recommended latency is typically lower, often cited as less than 150 ms for optimal performance.
  • Data: Data traffic, such as web browsing, email, or file transfers, is usually the least sensitive to latency. These applications can typically handle higher latency without significant impact on functionality, although user experience might be affected with very high latencies.


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