When a co-worker steps into another office, the co-worker notices that the computer is making a loud clicking noise and asks about it. The technician is contacted to investigate. Which device should the technician check first?

  • hard drive
  • monitor
  • CPU fan
  • CPU
Explanation & Hint:

When a computer emits a loud clicking noise, the first device a technician should check is the hard drive. This is because a clicking sound often indicates a problem with the hard drive, commonly known as the “click of death.” This noise can be a sign of mechanical failure within the hard drive, which might lead to data loss.

While other components like the CPU fan or the CPU itself could potentially make unusual noises, these are usually more like whirring or buzzing sounds rather than clicking. The monitor is unlikely to make such a noise unless it’s related to its internal electronics, which is less common compared to hard drive issues.

Therefore, the technician should start by examining the hard drive to diagnose the issue accurately and take appropriate action.

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