Which design specification criterion is most important when designing a computer that will be a thin client whose applications are accessed from a remote virtual server?

  • amount of RAM
  • amount of local hard drive storage
  • number of processor cores
  • speed of network card
Explanation & Hint:

When designing a computer that will be a thin client with applications accessed from a remote virtual server, the most important design specification criterion is the:

Speed of network card:

  • Thin clients rely heavily on network connectivity to access applications and resources on a remote server. Therefore, having a fast and reliable network card is crucial to ensure that the thin client can communicate with the server quickly and without interruption.
  • The network card’s speed will affect the overall performance of remote applications, as it determines how quickly data can be transmitted between the thin client and the server.

The other components, while important in a general sense, are less critical for a thin client setup:

Amount of RAM:

  • While sufficient RAM is necessary for running the local operating system and any client-side processes, thin clients typically require less RAM than standard desktop computers because the heavy processing is done on the server side.

Amount of local hard drive storage:

  • Local storage is less important for a thin client because the applications and data are stored on the remote server. Thin clients often use minimal local storage or might even boot from a network location.

Number of processor cores:

  • The local processing power in a thin client is generally not as critical, since the processing is done on the server. A thin client needs just enough processing power to run the client operating system and handle the user interface for the remote applications.

In summary, the speed of the network card is typically the most critical specification for a thin client, as it directly impacts the client’s ability to effectively use remote services and applications.

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